January 23, 2018

Wind sends construction debris flying in Vancouver

Police say no one was hurt after debris blew off of a downtown highrise project and onto the street below at about 6:00 Wednesday night.
Vancouver Police had to close Davie Street between Bidwell and Denman after construction material including glass blew onto the street.
Police at the scene said the glass landed on some cars but no one was hurt.
People living in the area were a little shocked.

“Most defintely we have been living around this construction site for quite some time and yeah you watch it go up but you hope it doesn’t come down… I couldn’t believe it whan everything was sort of blocked off but the wind is horrendous… its horrible we live in the area and we are just up the street actually I think that is awful I hope its not too bad.”

Police closed the street and even told businesses on Davie to shut down for the day.

CKNW Vancouver News

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