February 19, 2018

“Catching Fire” Teaser Next Sunday

MTV have confirmed that the first teaser trailer for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" will debut during the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on April 14th. A 'Tweaser' (a teaser of the teaser), is available below: Dark Horizons - News … [Read more...]

Soderbergh’s “Behind the Candelabra” Teaser

HBO Films has revealed the teaser trailer for the Steven Soderbergh-directed Liberace biopic "Behind the Candelabra". Michael Douglas stars as the musician with Matt Damon as his younger lover. The trailer is classy, but doesn't feature any actual footage from the telemovie which is slated to premiere on May 26th. Dark Horizons - News … [Read more...]

“Iron Man 3” Teaser Countdown Teaser

The teaser trailer for Disney/Marvel's "Iron Man 3" premieres on Wednesday, but remember that Facebook 'power up' thing the other day? Turns out it unlocked the clip below - a teaser for the teaser. It's only 17 seconds long but there's a few fun shots, and this is the first finished footage from the film that has been released to the … [Read more...]

“Man of Steel” Teaser Arrives

Warner Bros. Pictures have released the two versions of the teaser trailer for its upcoming Superman reboot "Man of Steel". While many thought the trailer would be a cut down version of last weekend's made for Comic Con trailer, it turns out to be an entirely different clip with only a few bits of crossover footage. A true teaser in the sense of … [Read more...]

“Man of Steel” Teaser Trailer Confirmed

A few days before the first footage screens at this year's Comic Con in San Diego, the Alberta Film Ratings board has confirmed that a teaser trailer for the project is on the way. The G-rated trailer runs 87 seconds and is expected to go online next week sometime, almost certainly attached to copies of "The Dark Knight Rises" from next … [Read more...]

Razer teaser reminds us that ‘PC gaming is not dead,’ neither are viral videos

Looks like Razer's not buying the whole "console > PC" argument. The company just went live with a new website that couldn't possibly be more esoteric. Aside from telling us that "there's something terribly wrong with gaming today," we aren't given much to go regarding its impending announcement. Apparently, something "big" is coming on the 26th … [Read more...]

“The Avengers” Teaser Gets Teased

It has been a week since "Captain America" came out and nearly two since the bootleg copy of "The Avengers" teaser trailer hit the screen. Yet there is still no sign of said trailer having hit the Net in good quality - until late yesterday. Yahoo Movies posted up a clip showing off the last thirty seconds of "Captain America: The First Avenger". … [Read more...]