January 23, 2018

4 Ways Businesses Are Using Technology For Growth

You cannot underestimate the effect that technology has had on business in the past decade or so. Take the Internet for example. It wasn’t so long ago that only the most up-to-date household could access it. These days, however, almost every business relies on the web as a vital contribution to their income streams.

And, of course, it’s changing all the time. The rise of the smartphone has created a society where people are always connected. This has given advertisers and businesses all over the world a new opportunity. Today, we thought we would take a look some of the ways businesses are using modern tech to grow their market share. Read on to find out if you are missing out.


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Digital marketing

Fifteen years ago, most people would have looked blankly at you if you mentioned the terms content marketing, SEO, or PPC. These days, it’s a markedly different landscape. Almost every business that wants success and growth online understands the need to invest in digital marketing. If you are struggling to get any online sales at all, it’s the first thing you should look at.

Mobile apps

Smartphone and tablet apps are everywhere, and many businesses are using them to grow their markets and turn tidy profits. Even small companies can make use of the many mobile app developers that are cropping up. They are affordable, can reach a large number of people, and can boost sales in many different areas.

Big data

Big data is becoming more common throughout the corporate world, and although there is still early days for the field, it is proving useful. There is a wealth information online that you can collect from your customers, and turn it to your advantage. You can find out more about their browsing habits and what they are looking for in a much more coherent way than was possible before. In the olden days, it was only possible to get this sort of info from customer surveys and focus groups. These days, the harvesting of data is opening up a whole new world for advertisers and their businesses.

The cloud

One of the major advances in recent years is the introduction of cloud technology. It has, without question, changed the way that we work – and how our businesses can grow. Cloud technology means that more people can work remotely, away from their office desks. It’s easy to see that there has been a boom in flexible working and intra-business communication. Not only that, but it allows businesses to be far more flexible than they could have been only a few years ago. You don’t have to invest in an expensive IT system anymore; you can use the cloud and pay only for what you use. That means that a small company needs far less investment to achieve their aims, and it is a genuine democratization of the marketplace.

Is your business embracing new technology as much as it could? Or, perhaps, are you are looking at new tech that will explode in the next few years?

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