October 23, 2017

Healthy Living In The Digital Age: How Your Phone Could Help Your Health

We often read a lot about the dangers of living in a digital era. Perhaps we are less sociable than we used to be, and maybe we are under more pressure as a result of social media. That said, there are major benefits of having advanced technology at our fingertips. You may think that the best thing about your phone is the ability to access … [Read more...]

What Good Is Content If Nobody Is Reading It?

Every website needs good quality content. After all, you don’t just want people arriving at your web pages. You want them to stick around for a while, get to know you, trust you, and find their way to the checkout! Writing content for your website might become one of the biggest components of your digital marketing strategy. The trouble is, it … [Read more...]

Swing Away From These Common Golfing Mistakes

All beginner golfers will have been in this very familiar situation before: you’re out on the course and are having a terrible time trying to complete one of the holes; a huge queue of better players could develop waiting to take their turn, and they might end up very annoyed with you! Are you getting sick of always ending up in that position? … [Read more...]

Why It Pays To Be Popular In Politics

Political leaders have always been the source of controversy. Even the most loved figures, such as Nelson Mandela, were vilified by a large quantity of the population in his day. Then, you’ve got figures such as Mussolini and Stalin, who’s negative influences can still be seen now. And, elections of the past year have once again seen unpopular … [Read more...]

Here’s Why We Should All Be Paying More Attention To Antisemitism

Ever since the US election, racism has been on many of our minds. Whether or not you believe Trump has racist leanings, you can’t deny that his sometimes questionable statements have drawn attention to a worrying rise in racial hate crimes. As such, you’d be hard-pressed to see a positive side to his election for black US citizens. But, his stance … [Read more...]

What Makes A Successful Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is, for all intensive purposes, the backbone of SEO. Did you know that for this reason, over 85% of marketers have a strategy in place for their content marketing? Regardless of the type of business that you run, be it a small startup, a blog, or a larger corporation, content marketing should be a priority. Creating a content … [Read more...]

Profiting From Your Favourite Sports

Picture Source We are a nation invested in sport. Not only do we play it ourselves, but we watch it in person or on television, rooting for our favourite teams or individuals. Generally, it is a drain on our disposable income. Something that we spend money on for sheer entertainment. However, what if we were to tell you that you could profit from … [Read more...]

Sample The Delights Of Hong Kong In 48 Hours

Image Credit Hong Kong can deliver the ultimate culture shock with its neon lights, ridiculously tall skyscrapers and densely populated streets. Look hard enough, and you’ll be able to spot the odd pocket of tranquility near the stunning harbor, perfect for when you’ve spent the past day pummelling the Far Eastern ground with your weary feet. A … [Read more...]

Simplifying Weight Loss by Cutting Out Complicated Regimes

Picture Credit While you will find that most people attempt to lose weight at the beginning of the year with well-intended New Year’s Resolutions, it has become increasingly apparent that people continue these efforts throughout the year in fits and spurts. However, if people start their weight loss journey in early January, why are they still … [Read more...]

From 4K To Retina Display, What’s The Right Tech Anyway?

Are you confused about the different types of tech you can buy and choices that you can make when ever you purchase a new tech product? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people have no idea what 4K means except for the fact that it’s a better picture quality than other displays on the market. Not to worry, we’re going to take you few some of the … [Read more...]