January 23, 2018

Key Advancements In Wind Turbine Technology

Wind turbine technology has been advancing at an astonishing rate for the last ten years. That’s because governments around the world are providing more funding for renewable energy sources. So, companies operating in that field can afford to employ the best experts in the world. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the most important advancements in the hope of giving you a clear understanding of the situation. We’re sure to see even more amazing progress in the future. However, things are beginning to look pretty positive right now.


Lawrence Murray

Increased capacity

Over the last few years, wind turbine manufacturers have managed to increase the level of energy their products can produce. That means buyers now get a lot more for their money. It also means farms that used to have hundreds of turbines can now use fewer devices. That saves space and reduces all the costs involved. Ten years ago, wind turbines operated at around 25% capacity. Today, that figure has risen to more than 50%. Can we expect to see the capacity increase even further during the next few years? Almost certainly.

Increased reliability

The basic design of wind turbines improves all the time. Designers work hard to ensure they are constructed to be as reliable as possible. Indeed, that’s why they now include tools like the polyurethane hydraulic seals used in dam construction. They help to keep the cylinders used clean and free from contaminates. That results in devices that can work for longer, and provide much more power. Manufacturers have also worked around the clock to improve their gearbox systems. Operators claim the latest models need less maintenance for that very reason.

Improved blade design

There is a new digital trend among wind turbine designers. Most of them now use specialist computer software to compile information and make better decisions. One example of that related to the design of their blades. Companies can now create a virtual lab and test their designs against standard wind speeds from their computer screens. So, it’s easy to see whether new ideas will work before spending lots of cash. They can also make small alterations to existing designs and judge the impact accurately. It’s a little bit like split testing a website.

Improved energy storage solutions

Making renewable energy with the use of a wind turbine is all well and good. However, that power isn’t much use if you can’t store it properly. Advancements in the industry now mean feeding the energy back into the grid is easier than ever. Meters are used to gauge the level of energy produced, and so operators can keep a close eye on their devices. They can also ensure the power companies know exactly how much energy they have created.

Those key advancements in wind turbine technology are helping to propel the industry to a new level. With a bit of luck, more individuals and businesses will see the benefits of renewable energy soon. Until that time, companies operating in this marketplace will continue to improve their products. They will work towards a greener future for everyone. What will the next big progression involve? Only time can tell.

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