February 23, 2018

The Technology That’s Keeping Manufacturers Safer

Technology is advancing all the time. And one of the ways in which it’s being used is to keep people working in the manufacturing industry safe. Here are the forms of technology that are doing this.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is now starting to make its way into the manufacturing industry. It’s an innovative new way to keep employees safe when they’re working on the shop floor. There are all kinds of wearable technologies that can improve workplace safety, and they’re getting better all the time.

For example, some companies now use vests with sensors on them that are hooked up to the company’s computer network. They will then flash or make a noise when there is a truck or piece of machinery approaching the person wearing it. Phones, Apple watches and Google glasses can also be used to improve safety.

Bearing Rotary Shaft Seals

Bearings are in important part of many companies in the manufacturing industry. But these bearings can often be exposed to contaminants that shorten the life of the bearings. When a bearing is exposed to damaging materials, it will start to lose its effectivity, and that becomes a danger.

A rotary shaft seal can solve that old problem though. They keep the bearing lubricated at all times and stop contaminants affecting it. This is very useful bearing in harsh, abrasive environments. Keeping bearings in good condition might seem like a small thing, but faulty bearings can have huge consequences.

Lifting and Carrying Tech

One of the big innovations in workplace technology is the ability for machines to carry, lift and move heavy loads. It’s no longer necessary for employees to put themselves at risk trying to move around bulky items. The latest robotic machines can carry huge weights and manoeuvre around a warehouse with complete ease.

This technology is only going to get better and better in the coming years. In the end, there won’t even be a need for forklift trucks. This will cause problems as well as solutions. As the manufacturing industry becomes more mechanised, more skilled technicians will be needed and less manual labourers will be required.


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Emergency Stop Procedures

All the latest manufacturing equipment will come with emergency stops. It’s vital that employees know how to operate these emergency stops in order to stay safe on the workshop floor. The latest machines now react instantly when the emergency stop procedure is activated, helping to minimise injuries.

It’s also now possible for people to operate these emergency stops even if they’re not standing next to the machinery. This allows a boss in an office who is overseeing the work area to stop their machines if they spot a fault. This can also save money if there’s a practical reason to stop the work. It means that faults can be ironed out quickly and swiftly.

These are the interesting ways in which technology is helping safety in the world of manufacturing. But technology will advance even further in the months and years ahead, so keep your eyes peels for the latest developments.

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