January 23, 2018

Use Technology to Catch Leaks in Your Home

One of the problems that can occur in your home is water damage. Lots of things can cause it, and it can have a wide range of consequences. Anything could be affected, from your carpets to your electrical system and foundations. The sooner you spot a leak or something else that could lead to water damage, the quicker you can minimize the damage. If you want to make sure you detect problems as soon as possible, one of the best ways to do it is with a technological gadget or device. Often technology can pick up on things much quicker than the human eye can. So try using some of these cutting-edge technologies to detect water damage in your home before it can wreak havoc.


William Herron

Detect Sealed Water Damage

One of the most difficult things to detect is water damage hidden in your walls or other places it’s difficult for you to spot with your eyes. But there are ways to pick up on things like this with the right gadget. One piece of technology is a new sensor developed by a Finnish innovator, called the Watector. This sensor consists of a mat that you can cut to any size, which detects dampness on its surface. When it picks up on any moisture, the attached alarm sounds. Many sensors only detect water in small areas, but this invention can work over a much larger space.

Another way that water damage experts pick up on hidden leaks is through the use of infrared technology. You don’t need to own a thermal imaging camera because many water damage contractors can bring one with them to check your home. The clever use of the camera allows experts to pick up on moisture and mold within walls and under floorboards with thermal imaging. The spots show up in vivid colours, so it’s easy to tell them apart from the healthy parts of the structure.

Sensors and Automatic Shutoffs

A sensor that lets you know when it detects water is a good start, but it won’t do anything to prevent leaking. If an alarm goes off to show that there’s unwanted moisture, you might not be available to do anything about it. But if your sensor has an automatic shutoff function attached to it, you shouldn’t need to do anything. It will turn off the system on its own, so you don’t need to watch it always.

Remote Alarms

Another way to solve the problem of being unable to monitor your alarm systems at all times it to use a remote alarm system. When the sensor picks up a leak, instead of sounding an alarm, it lets you know of it remotely. This might mean calling a phone number or a message on your smartphone. In fact, you can use your smartphone to watch the humidity levels, temperature and other statistics of a particular location too.

Water damage can be a worry for your home, but if you make use of the latest technology, you can put your mind at ease. Protect your house with a clever sensor to avoid expensive damage.

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