January 18, 2018

What Makes Employees Fall In Love With The Work Environment?

The famous businesswoman Anne M. Mulcahy likes to say that employees are your business’s greatest asset. As a consequence, entrepreneurs and business owners naturally want to attract and retain their employees and to ensure that they feel like they are an integral part of the business mission. What this means is that the quality of the work environment is essential, not only to keep your staff but to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about the company. It’s no wonder that employees who complain about the work environment do not wait long before quitting. However creating a satisfying work environment can be pretty tricky, especially if you are trying to understand what to bring into the workplace to make it work for your employees. With plenty of job specs promoting free drinks, high-tech gadgets, and even a fried breakfast on Fridays, it can seem surprising that the staff turnover rate remains so high. But, in truth, too many companies forget to care for the basic needs, namely safety, mental health and social life.

Dilgert and work/life balance

Make It A Safer Place

Factories experience hundreds of fatalities every year. This is a scary number, even more, because it highlights what companies need to do to keep their workers safe. The answer is simple: Health and safety. Indeed, the majority of accidents in factories is caused to workers and owners not respecting the H&S regulations. It is unsure whether this is due to a lack of knowledge or a deliberate choice, but it worth working with a safety advisor to reduce the number of fatalities that could easily be avoided. Additionally, there’s no denying that proper training can prove helpful, whether it is in teaching the staff how to use new tech or how to keep up-to-date with safety measures. Indeed, continuous training is beneficial, as it helps workers to remember essential safety skills and procedures, which can save their life in case of an accident.

Create A Stress-Free Environment

Unfortunately, accidents still happen in the workplace, whether it is a project going wrong or a critical accident. It is your role as a business manager to manage a traumatic and/or stressful experience. You are not on your own; support is available for those who need it. For traumatic experiences, the team of Health Assured provides a stress management process to help people deal with psychological and emotional responses. For other situations where stress is born from pressure and tight deadlines, the best suited temporary staff and expert consultants can be recommended by your trusted recruiting agency.

An Environment That Supports Work/Life Balance

Employees value time with their family and relatives more than the potential of promotion. Why so? Because they know the danger of overwork. As a result, companies that can offer flexi-time and even remote work options respond better to the needs of their employees. For employees, flexible time gives them better control over their time off and the possibility to manage their external obligations such as taking the kids to school or making medical appointments. As a result, they can focus their attention completely on their work projects when they’re in the office, which makes them more productive.  

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