February 23, 2018

What Good Is Content If Nobody Is Reading It?

Every website needs good quality content. After all, you don’t just want people arriving at your web pages. You want them to stick around for a while, get to know you, trust you, and find their way to the checkout! Writing content for your website might become one of the biggest components of your digital marketing strategy. The trouble is, it won’t be particularly useful if nobody is reading it. How can you push up the ROI on content?

Any content marketing strategy needs to be carefully coordinated and planned. Placing random, irrelevant and boring blog articles on your website does you no favors. Sure, the search engines might award you a couple of points for trying. Perhaps you’ll even move up a couple of pages in the rankings. But if your customer journey ends just a few sentences into that article, then what was the point?

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Articles on your website should be timely, they should be relevant, and they should be engaging. They should act as more than entertainment pieces though. The strategy behind them might be to improve brand perception or increase your share of voice. It should also help you to build trust, and act as a part of the sales funnel. There might not be a hard sell on the page, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steer your reader toward it. They’re there, so they’re a lead. Treat them like one!

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Some of the biggest names in internet marketing, like Danny DeMichele, have made their businesses work with very little investment. What they each had in common was a solution to their customers’ problems. That’s what your content should be offering. Identify the problems your customers have most often. Write about them and include your solutions. This might be a reference or even a link to one of your product pages. A softer approach might include a case study of someone using products like yours for a particular task.

If you want regular subscribers to your company blog pages, you need to have a much broader range of topics. These should be related to wider issues in the lives of your readers. Are there any news items that might be relevant? Sometimes you don’t need to pitch a product at your audience. You simply need to engage them, befriend them, and let the brand do the talking.

This pic is from Pexels

Reaching your audience is much easier if you use all of the digital marketing tools at your disposal. Many companies use an internet marketing company to handle their campaigns and even their strategy. You might look to use social media more effectively, PPC or even affiliate marketing. Adsense can be a useful channel. You have a modicum of control over where your ads are seen and by whom. Placing ads on selected websites might prove even more profitable. Now all you need to decide is what you’re promoting – your content or your product? Which would attract the most clicks?

If your bounce rate isn’t great, it’s worth considering a change to your regular blogging. Consider a more comprehensive content strategy. What do you write about?

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