February 22, 2018

Breaking News: Male Contraception Might Finally Be Here


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For all too long, women have been the ones who had to take control when it comes to contraception. The fact that there has been a female pill widely available for the last fifty years is not headline news. What is shocking, though, is that it has taken the scientists so long to begin looking into a similar form of contraception for men. The idea that women should take care of this issue is archaic to say the least, which is why things need to change. For years, there has been a lot of talk about male contraceptives, but now there seems to be some real progress in the area.

The (male) pill

First, let’s discuss the pill that everybody has been talking about in the last few months. Yes, it seems that before long there might be a pill for men, just like the ones women take each day. A tablet containing phenoxybenzamine and thioridazine is under development in Britain. If successful, this pill will stop men being fertile for a period. Much like women’s pills, men will need to take the tablets on a regular basis to make sure that they work. It is unclear when this pill will be available on the mass market, though, as it needs funding at the moment. The team of scientists are now unable to continue their research until they have the cash to do so.


Until now, if a man wanted to prevent himself from having children, he would need to have a vasectomy. In recent years, there have been many moves forward in this area. Now, you can get a vasectomy reversal just as easily as you did the initial operation. That means that the op is not as permanent as it once was. Many men now choose this option when they worry about getting people pregnant.

The implant

Of course, the implant has been available to women for years, but it may soon be available to men too. Anti-Eppin is the substance inside the implant itself. The chemical should prevent sperm from moving as quickly as it usually would. What that means is that it would be hard for the sperm to meet the egg before it dies. The team working on this style of contraception have stated that it will not be on the market for quite some time. At the moment, they are in the testing stages of the process.

The ‘bright’ pill

Have you heard about the ‘bright’ pill yet? This tablet has had a whole lot of media attention in 2015, and so it might just be the next big thing in the world of contraception. Professor Haim Breitbart and his team of experts are now working on a pill that will make men infertile for a short period. Their research suggests that the tablet will stop men from being fertile for three months at a time. At the moment, though, the team have only tested the tablet on mice, and have yet to try it out on humans.


Of course, there is always the classic form of contraception – condoms. For a long time, condoms have been one of the main forms of contraception for men. Many sex workers now rely on this form of contraception as their sole safety net. Given that condoms protect against STI’s as well as pregnancy, it makes sense. It might be best for vulnerable people to take extra precautions as well. Many people use these things as well as other protection. That means that they can protect against unwanted pregnancies and infections.

Who knows what the future will hold for male contraceptives? Right now, it seems that we are on the brink of getting a reasonable form of contraception for men.

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