February 23, 2018

Breaking News: Missing College Soccer Player Found Dead

California College Student, Elio Vasquez, who has been missing since the early hours of Saturday morning, has been found dead. It was confirmed earlier today by the Los Angeles Police Department that he was hit by a car and killed.

Vasquez, aged 19 years old, was last seen at a fraternity party at the University of South California. He was last seen leaving the party at around 1.30am, after saying that he wanted to go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Before leaving the party, Vasquez said that he was going to walk to the beach for a while. Unfortunately, he was unfamiliar with the area and must have got lost on the way there.

The alarm was later raised that something might be wrong after Vasquez failed to return home.


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On Saturday night, California Highway Patrol dealt with a horrific road traffic accident that involved a pedestrian being struck by a car. At the time, they were unaware that the identity of the pedestrian was that of missing person Elio Vasquez. However, last night after extensive research, it was confirmed that the body was, in fact, that of the missing college student.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that like Elio Vasquez, many people could be considered “missing” before being confirmed as dead. If someone has been killed in an accident, sometimes the link between them and a missing person can be initially missed.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, in this case, it was even more difficult to identify the victim as he had no credit cards or identification on him.

The traffic collision that killed Vasquez took place on Saturday on the Eastbound 10 Freeway. This was confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department. The accident occurred in the early hours of the morning at around 3am, with the victim, being run down while he crossed the street.

It has not been confirmed whether the car was speeding or whether the driver fled the scene.

On first hearing that her son was missing, Wendy Margolin said that he was a star athlete and that their family was very close. She also went on to say that this type of behaviour – not returning home, was unusual for the California College student.

Vasquez’s parents offered a reward of $100,000 for the safe return of their son after he was reported missing. Unfortunately, he was later found dead.

College senior, Vasquez, was said to be a highly skilled and keen soccer player with a bright and exciting future ahead of him. The student was said to have excelled in his studies due to his bright and creative mind.

After identifying their sons body, by the t-shirt he was wearing and the leg brace he had in place. Vazquez’s’ parents said that his loss of life was the worst possible outcome that could have happened. They are, understandably distraught and very upset.

There is no news as of yet, about what the driver of the vehicle will be charged with.

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