February 23, 2018

Scientists Say These Are Best Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy


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Scientific opinion changes every day, especially when it comes to talking about what is healthy and what isn’t. One minute we’re told one glass of wine a night is good for you, the next we’re warned not to drink any alcohol. Last year red meat was bad, this year we need to be eating more fish. It keeps on changing and it’s almost impossible to keep track of. But one thing scientists have never doubted is that being overweight can cause serious health issues. So, what are the best ways to get back in shape?

The Right Exercise

Ignore the people that say they go to the gym every day and spend a couple of hours there. They are doing themselves no favours. In fact they are probably doing more harm than good because after a certain amount of time exercising, the body starts to burn muscle not fat. So, unless you are eating a huge amount of calories a day doing that much exercise is pointless. Perhaps that is why experts are recommending a new seven-minute routine is actually better than forty minutes. It could be because after forty minutes exercising most people are putting less effort in but scientists believe seven is all you need. As long you do the right type of exercise, of course.

Diet Pills

Don’t believe the news reports that diet pills are bad for you because it’s not always true. It depends on what you are taking. If you are spending a fortune on pills filled with unnatural chemicals, there is a good chance you are damaging your body. However, if you use natural weight loss pills, you are taking substances you would have naturally anyway. Also, some diet pills are clinically recommended by doctors. However, they are usually only accessible to those with severe weight problems.

Surgical Procedures

This is perhaps not the healthiest way to lose the pounds, but it is one of the most successful. Whether you agree with it or not studies have shown that weight loss procedures have a sixty percent success rate.  Although, it is understandable that some people are put off by what the procedure involves. One operation takes part of the stomach away so that a person can physically eat less food. Another just cuts it off limiting the intake. It does sound quite unnatural but one cannot deny the results.


It’s the age old question where the answer continuously changes as though appearing on a magic eight ball. What should I eat to stay healthy? The latest research is relying on global life expectancy results. Studies show that Asian men and women typically live longer than most other nationalities. Health professionals believe this is due to their diet that is high in both fish and rice. So, if you want your best shot at being healthy, fit plenty of fish meals into your diet plan.

These are the answers scientists are giving this year. Next year the recommended plan for staying healthy will probably be completely different.

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