February 21, 2018

Kevin Feige Talks Marvel Phase Two Films

The second 'Phase' of Marvel's ambitious film plans begins with "Iron Man 3" in May, and Kevin Feige recently spoke with SFX about the even larger and more 'cosmic' scale of some of the upcoming films in this next batch: "['Thor: The Dark World'] and the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' film certainly are cosmic. 'Guardians' and 'Thor' will take the … [Read more...]

Feige Talks Tony Stark’s PTSD In “Iron Man 3”

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently spoke with MTV News about "Iron Man 3" and discussed both Tony Stark's psyche and the various versions of the armor we'll see in the film. "It's almost like post-traumatic stress: he has retreated after the events of 'The Avengers' into his workshop, where he's building advanced versions of his suits. He … [Read more...]

Feige On Thanos In “Avengers 2” & Beyond

His profile made a quick cameo during the end credits of "The Avengers" with a look akin to the offspring of Ron Perlman and a mountain gorilla dipped in grape juice. Now, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige tells MTV that the 'Thanos' tease did exactly the job it was meant to do - "get the audience buzzing". He does affirm however there was … [Read more...]

Marvel’s Feige On Thanos, “Thor 2” & Beyond

Talking about the success of "The Avengers", Kevin Feige tells Empire (via CBM) that despite his cameo in the film - don't expect intergalactic baddie Thanos to be showing up any time soon. Asked about the character potentially being the villain of the upcoming "Thor" sequel, Feige says "No, future, future. But there will be a major new villain. A … [Read more...]

Feige, Downey On More “Iron Man”

With filming on "Iron Man 3" about to get underway, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has given a hint at the future of the franchise. Bad Ass Digest asked Feige late last week what would happen if Downey decided to leave the franchise, and Feige hinted they'd like recast rather than reboot. "I think [pre-Casino Royale] Bond is a good example. … [Read more...]