February 18, 2018

Best Ways To Improve Your Driving


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If you passed your test years ago, then most people will assume you’re a totally competent driver. However, you know your own driving skills best. Every time you get in the driver’s seat, you’re at the controls of a potentially dangerous machine. I’m sure you know someone who’s legally allowed to drive, but they really shouldn’t be! If you’re concerned about your driving skills, it can be nerve-wracking and perhaps a little embarrassing. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can work to improve your driving. Here are a few methods you might want to try.

Firstly, look around for a defensive driving course. This can be particularly beneficial for drivers who haven’t had a professional lesson in several years. After getting your license, it’s pretty easy to pick up bad habits as you get used to driving. When you don’t have an instructor looking out for those bad habits, it can quickly become part of your normal driving! When you go on a defensive driving course, you’ll have a fresh pair of eyes to look at the way you’re driving, and correct anything that needs it. Generally, they’re very comprehensive and affordable. Even if your driving is fine, attending one of these courses can help you save a lot on your car insurance.


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Perhaps your performance on the road is fine, but when you’re in tight, enclosed spaces you really screw up! Though you should be fine-tuning your skills wherever possible, having issues with parking is nothing to be ashamed of. Countless drivers, even though they’ve been road-legal for a long time, still find parking to be exceptionally hard. You’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to hone your skills. Luckily, getting better at parking is fairly easy. Just set some regular time aside, get out in the car and start practicing. You need to make sure your parallel, forward and reverse parking is as close to perfection as possible. To make sure you don’t cause too much hassle for other drivers, try to find somewhere nice and quiet to practice your manoeuvres. Industrial estates on the weekend are usually good, as you can usually find parking bays and curbs which will be completely deserted. Lifehacker had a pretty good feature on this.

You might go around telling people that you’re simply a bad driver. A lot of people who think this about themselves have got it wrong though. There are several different health conditions which can be detrimental to your driving performance. Anxiety, for example, is fear, apprehension or dread experienced in an everyday situation. Whether it’s mild or intense, when this strikes and you’re at the wheel, it can cause all kinds of issues. When you’re on the road, it’s integral for you to make decisions quickly and safely. You may also have issues with a limited range of motion (ROM). This affects the way your joints function, and can hinder your driving performance pretty severely. Any kind of vision impairment should be looked at for obvious reasons. Aside from this, there are certain, smaller aspects to your health which may make you a poor driver. If you’re not getting enough sleep, or you’re on any medication which causes drowsiness, then this is a serious safety issue you should look at. Take some time to examine your own personal health. Regardless of your driving, ask your doctor about anything you’re particularly concerned about.

If all else fails, look at the car you’re using. You’ve probably heard the old saying “a poor workman blames his tools”. However, with tools as complex as a car, the smallest of mechanical problems can make it extremely hard to drive. If you find you’re needing to really step on the breaks even for slow stops, then your brake pads might need replacing. If you’re stalling more often or it takes a few tries to get her started, then have the battery checked. If you’re failing to get enough grip or you find turning more sensitive one way, the tyres could be the issue. Yokohama Tyres is a great place to get a new set. No one’s a perfect driver, but when you have a functional and reliable car it can help a lot. Make sure to have your car checked whenever you suspect a problem.

There you have the best things to target when looking to improve your driving. Poor performance on the road can be embarrassing and stressful. However, with perseverance and a clear head, anyone’s driving skills can be improved.

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