February 21, 2018

Car Insurance Isn’t Rocket Science, But It Is Science

Owning a car is very rarely an inexpensive endeavour. While it can be enjoyable to spend plenty of dollar on upgrading our vehicles, kitting it out with a solid sound system, and so on, some expenses are less pleasant. Take car insurance. It’s something that we all need to have if we’re going to be out there on the roads, but the seemingly … [Read more...]

Risk-Taker? Stay Out Of Trouble When You’re Driving

It’s easy to make some simple errors when you are driving. After all, you can easily slip into a higher speed when you are on the road. Or you might risk driving when you have had a drink as you don’t believe you will get caught. But your simple error could result in a charge by the police. And then you could be facing a fine or a prison sentence. … [Read more...]

Can You Handle The Power That Comes With Being Behind The Wheel?

We may all undertake the same driving lessons and driving test, but that doesn’t mean that when we come to driving on the roads that our skills are equal. The fact is that some people are just better drivers than others, for one reason or another, which means that when on the roads they are better able to handle the power that comes with being … [Read more...]

Best Ways To Improve Your Driving

Source: Wikimedia If you passed your test years ago, then most people will assume you’re a totally competent driver. However, you know your own driving skills best. Every time you get in the driver’s seat, you’re at the controls of a potentially dangerous machine. I’m sure you know someone who’s legally allowed to drive, but they really shouldn’t … [Read more...]

Are You A Nervous Driver? Try These Tricks To Build Confidence On The Road

Some people take to driving like a fish to water. They’re instantly in control, taking corners with confidence and overtaking like an F1 driver. For others, the experience of driving doesn’t come so naturally. We all get those first nervous pangs when we sit behind the wheel, but sometimes they never go away. Driving is often terrifying. After all, … [Read more...]