February 18, 2018

Great Hobbies To Try In 2017

Oscar Wilde once wrote “Only boring people are ever bored”. I’m not explicitly calling you boring here, but like many people you may find yourself with nothing to do more often than you’d like! If this is the case, then it’s time to do something about it. We’re on the cusp of 2017, so why not make your new year’s resolution getting into one of these great hobbies

Homebrewing Beer/Wine

This is something that’s great for people who’d like to be a little more creative, but don’t have that unique spark you find in actual artists! Home brewing is an adventure in chemistry that will teach you everything that goes into crafting a drink you love, and give you some great wiggling room for experimentation and creativity. If you seem to notice the different notes in beers more than anyone else, then getting that first home brewing kit could be the beginning of a lifelong passion! To find out more about this hobby, head over to the Home Brew Academy.



Image: Pixabay

Called the “art of the self” by many people, you certainly won’t be alone in wanting to get into bodybuilding in 2017! The pay-out in terms of your physical health and appearance is an obvious attraction to body building. Aside from that, this hobby can be an enormous boost to your self-esteem, and a great way to develop self-discipline. Despite what you may think, bodybuilding goes way past lifting weights in the gym. It incorporates a lot of personal goal setting and nutrition, too. Whether you’re going for the Arnie look or not, bodybuilding is a great hobby, and offers all kinds of benefits.

Drone Flying

This is one for all of you who have a potent techy side, and some interest in aeronautics. Drones are everywhere these days, and with the sheer size and vibrancy of the community, this isn’t something that’s going to change any time soon! Whether you do it to get stunning aerial photos and videos, or just for the love of it, drone flying is a great way to fill your spare time. Buying a drone certainly isn’t cheap, and learning to fly it proficiently is a steady curve. However, it could certainly be the perfect hobby for you! Read more at Rotor Copters.

Bush Craft

Perhaps you’re not techy at all, and wish you could escape from all the digital media and gadgets we’re surrounded by in our day to day lives. If this sounds familiar, then bush craft could be the hobby for you. This is more or less the art of survival – building shelters, starting fires from the bare minimum, sourcing your own food and pitting yourself against the elements. If you’ve got the right mindset for it, getting out into nature and learning to live in it is a great way to unplug and de-stress. Aside from that, all the skills you learn could save your life and the lives of others one day!

There you have just a handful of hobbies to consider in 2017.

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