February 23, 2018

Cast A Love Spell, Over Your Customers

In business, it’s not good enough just to have people buy your products, what you really want, is for them to be loyal fans of your brand and where relevant to act as advocates too. However, getting them to be in love with your products to that extent can be something of a challenge. Although, there are some clever strategies that can make such a gargantuan task a little easier. Read on to find out what they are and how they can help cast a spell over your customers.

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Make them feel special

A guaranteed way of getting your customers to love you is to make them feel as special as possible just as you would a partner in a relationship. One way of doing this is to let them know things before everyone else and have access to restricted information.

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To do this you can have a premium mailing list, grant access to secret forums of webinars, or even send out newsletters and first access e-shots of your latest products.

Give the superfans on your mailing list a chance to buy things first and at a small discount too and you may just find that they snap up most of the stock before it even goes on general release. Something that can add extra value and hype to your product when it does hit the marketplace.

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Loyalty promotions

Of course, rewarding your customers is something that can definitely help to nurture your relationship whether they are die-hard super fans or not. The most common ones seen in store and online include a stamp card for customers where a certain number of stamps means a free gift or money off. Something that encourages the customer to come in time and time again and purchase from you.

However, some business can be at a loss as to how to run promotions at a standard that grabs the customer’s motivation and encourages them to stick to it. That is where experts like HelloWorld can come in. This is because professionals in this area can provide the underlying knowledge as well as the expertise that allows them to implement a little campaign that is both impressive and effective. Something that can help to create customers that are truly loyal.

Listen and act

Last, of all don’t forget that if you want your customers to truly adore you the best thing you can do is to provide an opportunity for their feedback and listen to them when they give it. An easy way to do this includes asking for review and testimonials both on your site and on official review platform like TrustPilot.

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Also, don’t forget to frame feedback within your business as something that helps your company grow rather than criticism. Regularly use it to inform business decisions, and you can make sure that your customers can’t help, but fall head over heels with your products and your services. Something that will help build your business up and make it a success in an ever more competitive world.

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