February 22, 2018

More tears from Briker at Queen of the North trial


One of the only two people on the bridge of the doomed “Queen of the North” when it sank is spending another day on the witness stand.
Karen Briker broke into tears minutes into defence questions about her feelings of guilt, after the 2006 crash and sinking of the ferry.

Wiping away tears, she testified she’d never been trained to switch the Auto-Pilot off, nor did she know where the switch was.

Briker also testified she made one or two small course changes before what she called “The Big One”, but she couldn’t remember how many degrees The Big One was, or whether she actually made the course adjustment.

Briker does recall the order for the course change being firmly given by the navigating officer, Karl Lilgert, also her ex-lover.

This was just before Lilgert orders her to switch off the Auto-Pilot and she spots tree-tops before the ferry strikes Gil Island, and sinks.

Lilgert is on trial for two counts of criminal negligence causing death.

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