February 22, 2018

Port Mann vs Patullo for trucks

Transportation Minister Mary Polak says tolls on the new Port Mann Bridge may not be responsible for an uptick in truck traffic on the Patullo Bridge.

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says truck traffic on the Patullo in January was up 25 per-cent over the previous year as a result of tolls on the new Port Mann, but Mary Polak says those numbers don’t match the Government’s, and there could be other reasons for the spike, “But also increased economic activity can also drive that, we’re not seeing a decline on the Port Mann Bridge.”

Polak says she’s looking into it.

NDP critic Harry Bains says tolls are the problem and the Liberals were warned, “The free alternative that they were using is the Patullo Bridge is already overcapacity, it’s dangerous, it’s old.”

Bains says the solution is building more transit using carbon tax revenue to reduce traffic on the bridges.

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