January 17, 2018

Residents living near Surrey’s Colebrook Road set to meet with Mayor again

People living on Panorama Ridge in Surrey will meet again with the city’s mayor this week to discuss crime prevention.
Video cameras and lights have been installed on Colebrook Road in the area after four bodies were found there in a six week span this year.
Bob Campbell with the local ratepayers association says the move is just one step needed to reassure jittery residents.

“I was talking to a lady yesterday who is widowed and lives on the Ridge and she was telling me how afraid she is and I think you need to see that presence for an extended period of time before people start to think maybe we have solved this problem and it is not just a month or two of an enhanced presence of the Ridge.”

He says the RCMP need to keep up strategy of responding to every call no matter how small the crime.

The meeting goes April fourth.

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