January 23, 2018

Revealed: US Said No To Anne Frank’s Visa Application


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We all know that there is a visa debate happening here in the USA. If people want to sell their home and move to a new country, they may need a visa. With the laws on immigration always changing, it is difficult to keep track of the latest news. When it comes down to it, the best way to learn about the future, is to take a look at the past. A recent revelation has shown that the story of Anne Frank could have been quite different. Historians have uncovered a document that suggests that the US refused her family entry to the US.

Anne Frank: history

Anne Frank is a figure of great historical significance. Translators have now written her diary in 67 different languages. Around the world, this young girl is famous for the terrible fate that she suffered. The German Jewish girl hid with her family for a matter of years, before the Nazis caught and killed them. In the diary, you can read an amazing account of how she felt during this awful time. Her story serves as a reminder of how shocking and barbaric WWII was, and reminds us not to repeat the same events.

Visa application canceled

Now, new evidence shows that the young girl’s story could have been different. In fact, her father, Otto Frank, sought help long before the war broke out. He asked his old college friend, Nathan Strauss Jr., for $5,000. This sum was to cover the cost of a US visa. Historians believe that Otto planned to take his entire family to America. His plan was to escape the problems in Holland at the time. Unfortunately, during the application period, WWII broke out. This issue caused no end of problems for Otto and his family. The US government canceled the application and refused to let the Frank family enter the country.

Current visa laws

Of course, times are different now. These days, there is not such an issue with immigration as there once was. People now seek legitimate ways to move around the world. A couple planning to marry one another may seek a fiance visa for this purpose. In the same respect, you may find that people get permits for work or even short-term stays. The fact of the matter is that we have learned a great deal from history. We now understand the importance of immigration in a modern setting. Every year, thousands of people move around the world and settle in new countries.

Could things have been different?

So, how could things have been different for young Anne Frank? Well, many people have theorized that she would have been safe in America. That would mean that she would have grown up as an American citizen, rather than in Holland. Since the girl obviously had a flair for writing, some people believe that she could have been one of the greatest authors of our time. If her family’s application had worked, she might have grown up in the US and pursued writing as a career. Of course, we have no way of knowing what may have happened, but it is worth considering.

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