February 21, 2018

Big Investment Numbers Expected To Rise In 2016

Flickr Credit Why are analysts predicting more people will be investing this year? First people are already growing concerned that we are close to seeing a repeat of 2008. In 2008, the stock market crashed, and unemployment rates soared in the western world. This was because huge numbers of people were borrowing and buying things they couldn’t … [Read more...]

NHS Pleads For Faster Cash Injections

The NHS is struggling to stay in the black for 2015-16, according to recent reports. The organisation’s finance chiefs have appealed to the government for a £8 billion injection by the end of next year. According to the Financial Times, there is far too much pressure on the service to deliver. And, that the £8 billion on offer needs to be … [Read more...]

‘The Usual Suspects’ – A Look At Conventional and Non-conventional Angel Investment

VEF will look at the latest trends in Angel Investment as well as reviewing the latest in conventional angel activity. The panel will discuss some of the new Angel funds recently announced in Vancouver and some non-conventional angel investment. Moderated by Brent Holliday from Garibaldi Capital Advisors and VP of Corporate Development at … [Read more...]

Provincial Greens sound warning over federal investment pact with China

The leader of the provincial Green party is urging the Premier and the leader of the provincial NDP to pressure the feds on a new investment treaty with China. Jane Sterk says the deal, called FIPA, will kick in at months end with no debate in the house of commons and no say from the provinces. Sterk says the deal may trump provincial rights … [Read more...]

Telus announcing three billion dollar investment

  Telus has announced it is investing three billion dollars in British Columbia over the next three years. 750-million will go toward Telus Garden, the one-million square foot development at Richards and Georgia in downtown Vancouver. A 24-storey office tower is to be the country's first Leed platinum building, while the 53-storey residential … [Read more...]

Ivanhoe reaffirms Oyu Tolgoi investment deal

VANCOUVER - Shares of Ivanhoe Mines gained 20 per cent after Mongolian government reaffirmed its commitment to a key investment agreement for its Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine.Government officials had asked Ivanhoe and its partner Rio Tinto to consider making changes to deal, something Ivanhoe had refused to do.In a joint statement Thursday the … [Read more...]

SaaS CMS: The Best Marketing Investment You Can Make This Year

If you're an ambitious marketer who understands the potential of harnessing digital channels, but feels held back (or held hostage!) by legacy technology, an agency or IT, this webinar is for you. Transform your marketing efforts and seize control of your web presence, all with the help of Content Management delivered as a service (SaaS). Register … [Read more...]