February 18, 2018

Spielberg Talks “Tintin” Sequel Status

Steven Spielberg has confirmed that the next "The Adventures Of Tintin" movie is still chugging along with Spielberg producing and Peter Jackson directing. Spielberg says performance capture will likely start around the end of the year. It sounds like it will be after Jackson completes additional "Hobbit" filming mid-year and wraps the … [Read more...]

Jackson Sets “Tintin” Sequel For 2015

During a recent interview with Belgian media, director Peter Jackson confirmed that he's not waiting until the end of production on "The Hobbit" sequels to get to work on the next "The Adventures of Tintin" movie. With the Steven Spielberg-directed first film, the actual performance capture shoot was quite short - about one month. The … [Read more...]

Spielberg On “Tintin 2” & “Robopocalypse”

Out doing "War Horse" promotion in Paris, filmmaker Steven Spielberg talked with the local French media (via Collider) and answered a few questions about his upcoming films. He's in the midst of editing "Lincoln" so wouldn't speak about that, nor would he say anything about a fourth "Jurassic Park" other than he's only producing - not … [Read more...]

“Tintin” Sequel Gets Another Script

A while back it was revealed that frequent British TV scribe Anthony Horowitz ("Poirot," "Alex Rider: Stormbreaker") had been hired to pen the first draft for the sequel to Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin" which opened last week to big box-office in Europe. At the time he was hired to adapt Herge's two-parter "The Seven Crystal Balls" … [Read more...]

“Tintin” Starts Making Big Bucks Overseas

While we won't know how Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin" will perform in the United States until Christmas, the already well-reviewed film has begun to open in the international markets where the property is best known and the results have already been strong. 'Tintin' pulled in $ 55.8 million from its bow in just … [Read more...]

“Tintin” Sequel Is Jackson’s Post-Hobbit Film

As has long been discussed, if "The Adventures of Tintin" is a success, filmmakers Steve Spielberg and Peter Jackson very much intend to continue with at least one and possibly two more adaptations of Herge's graphic novel series. While Spielberg helmed the first film, it's always been pretty clear that Jackson would take charge of the second. … [Read more...]

First “Tintin” Reviews Are Raves

While it's still two months off for those us living in Australia or the United States, Europe is about to get Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's "The Adventures of Tintin" dropped on them in coming weeks. Over the weekend though, the embargo was lifted on press reviews and the word is very good, even from the usually tough French critics who … [Read more...]

“Tintin,” “War Horse,” “Mission” Change Dates

The Christmas film schedule has undergone a bit of a minor shake-up today with Paramount and Dreamworks altering their release plans for three films opening late December according to the trades. First up Steven Spielberg's double hit of "The Adventures of Tintin" and "War Horse" have both moved up several days. 'Tintin' will now open Wednesday … [Read more...]

Gorgeous New “Adventures of Tintin” Photos

Sixteen new stills from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's much anticipated animated adaptation of "The Adventures of Tintin" have hit the net thanks to Falcon (via Bleeding Cool). The new shots include some stellar looks in detail at the characters including Tintin, Captain Haddock, Snowy, the Thomson twins, Mr. Sakharine, first mate Allan and … [Read more...]

Spielberg, Jackson Talk “Tintin” At Comic Con

Arriving to a standing ovation in Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con, Steven Spielberg took the stage to promote "The Adventures of Tintin" and was soon quickly joined by Peter Jackson whom many thought was still down in New Zealand working on "The Hobbit". Even Andy Serkis showed up pretending to be a fanboy in the audience and asked a question … [Read more...]