January 18, 2018

4 Ways To Up Your Home Entertainment Game

Part of what makes a home great is how much fun we can have in it! Movie night with a loved one, games night with the kids or a dinner party with a friend. There’s a lot to gain from a home – so let’s see how you can boost your home entertainment game.

Put It All Into Movies

Movie nights are incredible, but being cramped around a 22-inch TV isn’t a great experience. Yes, we’re taking this technology for granted, but you deserve a bit better from your home entertainment. You really do!  This is going to cost you, but the privilege of having any kind of fun is always going to cost you a bit of money. Why not go all out on a home entertainment system worthy of the latest and greatest Hollywood blockbusters? Firstly, a massive corner piece could hold a lot of great equipment, so you need the furniture in place – then you can get your gear. Pick yourself up a great surround sound system, and then aim for a 4K television of around 50 inches in size. For your media? You’ll be good with something like an Amazon Firestick – or even a Playstation 4 Pro – which can stream 4k video through certain apps. You’ll need subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Video though to make the most of it.

Golf Without a Garden


Golf has always been seen as a high-class hobby and especially an outdoor hobby. For the links and golf resorts of the world, the sport presents a relaxed and challenging getaway for those with the time and money to practice. If you want to up your home entertainment game, why not bring golf into the home? It’s fun, and with something like the Optishot 2, you can perfect your swing from the confines of your own home. Golf is something that should be able to be enjoyed by everyone and by bringing it into your home, you can! Just don’t ACTUALLY bring it into your home. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for new windows, often.

Play Hard


Games are great – no matter if they are video games, or board games. While video games are great fun – a really social occasion can be created with a collection of good board games. No, not The Game of Life and no – not Monopoly. We want real board games with real challenges. Party greats like Secret Hitler are incredible fun, but board games like Dead of Winter, Ticket to Ride and others are pretty serious fun. There are board games of all shapes and sizes, so look beyond the typical stuff and get one out for your friends.

Get Serious About Hosting

Your home isn’t just yours – it’s an opportunity to make it a hub of activity for your friends and loved ones. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling off a party that everyone enjoys. Take an active role in hosting fun nights and dinner parties and make the most out yourself, your friendships and your home. As good as home entertainment is, it’s not much without friends – and family.

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