January 23, 2018

Give Your Employees A Reason To Stay!

You’ve heard it before: employees do not leave bad jobs, only bad employers. When you are running your own company, it’s easy to put the needs of the company before the needs of your employees. It’s not a malicious way of thinking, simply that while people matter, the success of the company comes first. Smart employers know that great employees are the reason for the success their company achieves, and smart employers also put a lot of effort into ensuring the best people stay working with them for a long time.

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When you go through a hiring process for your team, you have a hook to get people interested. You want the best talent in the business for marketing support, technology and network support and generally in your company as a whole. To get that talent, you need to make sure you offer enough incentive for people to work to the best of their ability. Loyalty from staff to you comes from being honest, giving and supportive to them. The people you hire will spend upward of eight hours a day working hard to make your company a success, so it’s only fitting that you go above and beyond the standard salary to make them feel wanted, happy and positive about turning up every day. So, when you want your employees to stay loyal to you, happy in their role and working hard, you need a lure to keep them there. Here are some of the best examples of staff benefits in the market today:

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  • Remote Working. The commute is a slog for a lot of people, and by offering the choice to work from home or outside the office, you are giving people a chance to choose an environment that they feel comfortable in. You can get the best out of people who feel like they aren’t chained to a desk for eight hours a day!
  • Healthcare. Many people cannot afford health insurance, and by offering a good healthcare plan with their job, you can ensure that people are looked after in the result of illness and injury. Health care is sought-after by people looking for work and if you are smart, you’ll offer this as an incentive for staff.
  • Pension. Beyond your working life, you need to feel secure and comfortable. By offering your employees a pension as part of their benefits, you are giving them a reason to work with your organisation for the long haul.
  • Flexibility. Working parents are the biggest beneficiaries here, but offering flexible working means breathing space to attend appointments, children’s shows and other commitments that often fall inside the same hours we all work.

Your staff base need to feel happy and secure in their role. They also need to feel like you are on their side with their jobs and that you are going to support them when times get tough. If you remember that they are people outside of being employees, you can ensure you are on their level with their lives and this cultivates a professional, long-lasting friendship.

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