February 18, 2018

How Will The Outcome Of The US Election Affect The Rest Of The World?

The United States will hold a general election this year that should leave them with a new president. The outcome of that voting process could affect the rest of the world in many different ways. Today, we’re going to take a look at just some of the impacts we might expect to face. Will Donald Trump manage to win the vote and push the country more to the right? Will Hillary Clinton achieve success for the left? We simply don’t know right now. However, it’s still wise to consider how different outcomes will affect other countries. As you might imagine, a win for Trump would cause the most disturbance across the world.  


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Varying political confidence in the US

The US is considered to be one of the world’s largest superpowers. So, it makes sense that other governments are watching the election results closely. Those countries with right-wing politicians are backing Trump. Those who prefer a radical approach are firmly behind Clinton. Whatever happens, political confidence will vary across the board. Countries like Cuba or Ecuador will celebrate if Donald Trump loses the election. That is because they know future policies will act more kindly towards their nations. Likewise, the opposite is true for states such as Saudi Arabia that would prefer a pure capitalist regime.

Alterations in foreign policy

There is no getting away from the fact that US foreign policy will change when a new president comes into office. Donald Trump has already said that he will take a no-nonsense approach when it comes to terrorism. Reading between the lines, some experts believe that means he plans to start more wars. On the other side of the table, Hillary Clinton is known for her negotiation skills. She is more inclined to enter agreements and try to resolve issues without violent conflict. However, the rising threat of terrorism in the world means both candidates will probably drop bombs during their terms.


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Changes in foreign aid funding

As you might expect, Donald Trump already said he’s going to put the needs of American people first. That translates into lower aid payments for some of the poorest countries on earth. He believes the money would be better spent on improving the US economy. Hillary has promised to maintain current aid spending, and she even hinted towards an increase. While it might seem as though politicians are just throwing money away, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Aid agreements come hand in hand with beneficial trade deals. So, the US often sees a healthy return on their foreign aid investments.

Reduced travel to the US

Regardless of the outcome of the election, the US relies heavily on money from tourism each year. So, some pundits are concerned about what might happen if Donald Trump secures a majority. Many UK journalists have warned that travel to US hotels will decrease if that happens. Indeed, even some politicians have echoed their sentiments. The current odds on Trump winning are listed on this website, and he’s in a promising position. It looks as though the Republican candidate will have to work hard to maintain the current rate of tourism if he comes to office.


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Increased reliance on China as a superpower

While the political situation in the US is less than stable at the moment, many businesses are increasing their reliance on China. That could change when the outcome is announced, however, it’s still a worrying trend. It’s possible that some firms will maintain their links with the world’s second biggest producer. They might do that, regardless of the election result. That would mean Donald Trump’s promises to turn American into a thriving manufacturing nation won’t hold water. Indeed, he might struggle to realize most of his campaign points if companies don’t return to the US.

As you can see from that information, we are living in worrying times. If the American public nominates the Republican candidate, the outside world could experience issues. However, most American people will not consider the wider aspects of their vote. So, countries that rely on the US to survive are in limbo at the moment.

Whatever happens, we’re about to enter a new phase of politics that will change the world. We should feel thankful that we’re around to witness the situation and document it. No matter who the American people vote into office, we’re starting a new chapter in history. People will talk about this election for many years to come, and so it’s vital we follow the results closely. It might become something you tell your grandchildren about in a few years.

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