February 21, 2018

Aereo wins a crucial court battle, opens up partnership talks with ISPs and pay-TV providers

Something tells us the US Court of Appeals for the Second District has no intentions to kid around with its latest decision, despite it coming down on the 1st of April. In what can only be viewed as a monumental victory for Aereo, the aforesaid court has just rejected an appeal from a smattering of TV networks that are hellbent on stopping the … [Read more...]

Faction opposing John Cummins cuts him some slack ahead of crucial vote

After the defection of John Martin and just ahead of the BC Conservative party's AGM the faction looking to unseat John Cummins is now striking a more conciliatory tone.  Ben Besler is heading up a slate of candidates for the party's board called Friends of the BC Conservative party.  Besler is also pushing for a yes vote in a leadership … [Read more...]

OCZ, Corsair, Patriot and Crucial butt heads in SATA III SSD roundup

Another season, another SSD roundup. This go 'round, its a six-pack of SATA III units -- the speediest of the speedy -- all angling for your hard-earned greenbacks. The benchmarking gurus over at Hot Hardware have assembled quite the guide for those currently in the market, hosting up a variety of top-tier drives from the likes of OCZ Technology, … [Read more...]