February 19, 2018

BC Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit conference could be to do with Kelowna shooting

More details are emerging about a BC Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit news conference Monday announcing a significant development in a gang murder investigation. The unit says no other details are being provided before then. But the murder investigation they're referring to could be a 2011 Kelowna gang shooting in broad daylight outside a … [Read more...]

Two arrested by BC’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit

Two men were arrested in Langley Friday afternoon for allegedly breaching their firearm prohibitions. The BC Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit says the 31-year-old and 25-year-old have gang ties and are known to police. They will remain in custody awaiting charges. Two other men were arrested in the Walnut Grove neighbourhood near 90th a … [Read more...]

BC Supreme Court to hear alleged wrongful dismissal case of Vancouver Bylaw Enforcement Manager

Was Carlene Robbins fired, or did she quit? The alleged wrongful dismissal of a Bylaw Enforcement Manager with the City of Vancouver is at the heart of a case being heard this week in BC Supreme Court. Lawyer Robert Rogers says his client will testify she was "constructively demoted" three weeks after a house fire killed three men in December … [Read more...]

VPD could adopt ‘major shift’ in sex work enforcement policy

The Vancouver Police Board will consider new guidelines this week designed to significantly improve the safety and wellbeing of sex trade workers. Senior officers have been meeting with groups representing the industry since the Missing Women Inquiry began in October. They have been trying to find ways to improve relations that have become … [Read more...]