February 25, 2018

People still not paying fare evasion fines

Despite a change in legislation to force fare cheats to pay their fines Translink says they aren't yet seeing much of a difference.  Spokesperson Derek Zabel says rate of payment on fare evasion tickets is up by less than one percent compared to 2010.   "We are seeing about an 18-percent return right now but there is a lot of people … [Read more...]

Rescue team: fines put lives at risk

Many people are wondering why those heading out of bounds on ski hills, or skirting closure gates on the Grouse Grind, aren't being fined. Tim Jones with North Shore Rescue says they're not even remotely interested in considering fines, because it puts even more lives in danger. "If we have fines and charges, you may have families doing their own … [Read more...]

BCGEU off the hook for massive fines

BC's largest public sector union has successfully appealed a multi million dollar fine levied by Elections BC.  The BC Government and Service Employees' Union won't have to pay $ 3.2 million for ads it ran during two recent byelection campaigns.  Elections BC claimed the union overspent advertising limits by hundreds of thousands of … [Read more...]

Translink fare cheats rush to pay fines after new legislation announced

The province's announcement of plans to crack down on transit fare cheats seems to be having an early effect. Ever since the changes were introduced this week, transit police Insp. David Hansen says phone-boards have lit up with guilty fare cheats wanting to come clean and pay their fines. "I don't have an exact number, but it's enough that we … [Read more...]