January 18, 2018

Premier getting out to meet the people

The Liberals says the Premier isn't dodging the media she is just engaged in the meet and greet part of an election campaign.  Deputy Campaign Chair, and outgoing MLA, Colin Hansen says it is a balancing act but the media can't be there everytime the Premier meets people on the street.  Hansen even added an interesting garauntee. "I think … [Read more...]

Police identify two people found dead in Surrey yesterday

Police have now identied the two people found dead along Colebrook Road in Surrey yesterday. The man was 54 year old Brett Sheldon Lietz. The woman has been identified as 40 year old Nicole Madelynn Brochu. Lietz doesn't have a record. Brochu had a long criminal history dating from 1989 to 2003. Police say both were shot and killed. The hunt for … [Read more...]

NDP leader has plan to get young people voting

NDP leader Adrian Dix has a new idea to get more young people voting. He says he plans to table a bill on Monday to allow teens to register to vote at a younger age. He says the voting age of 18 would stay the same, but kids could start simply registering to cast a ballot starting at 16 years old. "Just a practical change that will ensure young … [Read more...]

People still not paying fare evasion fines

Despite a change in legislation to force fare cheats to pay their fines Translink says they aren't yet seeing much of a difference.  Spokesperson Derek Zabel says rate of payment on fare evasion tickets is up by less than one percent compared to 2010.   "We are seeing about an 18-percent return right now but there is a lot of people … [Read more...]

Crash in Burnaby sends seven people to hospital

The intersection of Kingsway and Royal Oak was blocked to traffic for several hours overnight as Burnaby mounties pieced together a collision involving three vehicles. Seven people were taken to hospital -- five have since been released. The two still in hospital were riding in a taxi cab and not wearing seatbelts. RCMP suspect one of the three … [Read more...]

Mounties looking for people involved in fight on Surrey bus

Surrey mounties are on the hunt for a few people involved in a scuffle that involved knives on a bus this afternoon. Staff Sergeant Bob Pinkewycz says a passenger called police just before 1:30. He says at least two people who were part of the fight are believed to have been injured. "We received a 911 call from a person on a transit bus that five … [Read more...]

Hearst president David Carey: Apple taught people ‘how to buy digital content’

David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines, sat down with AllThingsD's Peter Kafka to kick off Day 2 of D:Dive Into Media here in Dana Point, California, with the interview centering on Carey's take on how digital magazines are working out in a world that seems less and less intrigued by physical books. Carey confirmed that 40 percent of its total … [Read more...]

Deputy Premier says people need to give Christy Clark a chance

The Deputy Premier is dismissing an Angus Reid poll which seems to show the public is none too fond of Christy Clark.  Rich Coleman was asked if he was surprised respondants to the poll found the premier to be "out of touch" "arrogant" "secretive" and "inefficient." "Yeah because she is not any of those. If I wanted to describe her she is one … [Read more...]

People of Burns Lake mark one year since deadly sawmill fire

It's the one year anniversary of the mill explosion that killed two men and put the economic future of Burns Lake at risk. Burns Lake Mayor Luke Strimbold says a service Sunday is to remember Robert Luggi Jr. and Carl Charlie, and be there for those who were injured in the blast. "We as a community are coming together to provide support to one … [Read more...]

People turned away from winter shelters

The City of Vancouver says hundreds have been turned away from temporary winter shelters since December. In a release, Mayor Gregor Robertson says the solution is more shelter space and more housing. That issue of affordable housing is echoed by Irene Jaakson, co-ordinator of the Vancouver Extreme Weather Response Program. "The only thing that's … [Read more...]