February 20, 2018

Man speaks out about condition of Burnaby apartment building destroyed by fire as RCMP guards wreckage of building

A nineteen-year-old man who lost his dog and all his belongings in a fire at a Burnaby apartment building Sunday morning, is speaking out about how the building was kept. Jesse Vincent lived with his mother in the building on Smith Avenue near Canada way. He says the electrical system wasn't good, saying he'd turn on a light in the bathroom and it … [Read more...]

Genesis Security investigating after confrontation between man and guards

A lawyer with the Pivot Legal Society says a video of three security guards and a man in a wheelchair raises definite questions about use of force. Doug King says the tape shows a man in a wheelchair approached by Genesis Security guards at Pacific Centre. "We're not sure what happened before then, and if he'd committed a criminal offence or not, … [Read more...]

Two jail guards assaulted at overcrowded facility

It's another example of rampant overcrowding in B.C. jails.That's according to the Corrections Chair of the BCGEU, reacting to the recent assaults of two jail guards at North Fraser Pretrial Centre.Dean Purdy says the facility was maxed-out with more than 500 inmates, and relief isn't expected for at least a couple of years."The employer has … [Read more...]

Lawsuits against Harbour Centre security guards been settled

Five men who launched lawsuits against Vancouver's Harbour Centre security guards -- claiming they had been beaten up -- have settled their cases. Doug King, lawyer with Pivot Legal Society, says he can't discuss details, but his clients are satisfied. "they're hopeful that bringing their story forward and starting a lawsuit kind of sent a message … [Read more...]

Scathing report on conditions for BC prison guards

If things don't change, a guard could die on the job. Those are the words today of Dean Purdy, a prison guard and spokesperson for the BC Government Employees Union. The union released a report today saying the job has become frightening and dangerous in recent years as the inmate population soared. "It's bad enough to go to work and have a female … [Read more...]