January 19, 2018

Thirteen Reasons Why A Netflix Subscription Is Worthwhile

Flickr Image In the modern age, not having Netflix is akin to living on another planet. More than 100 million people currently pay a subscription. But, we can’t all justify spending the $9.99. Perhaps you don’t watch enough television. Or, maybe you’re just not convinced it’s worthwhile. To help you make up your mind, we’re going to look at … [Read more...]

“No More Batman Movies” Says Nolan’s Wife

Christopher Nolan himself has previously said he has no plans to return to the world of Batman after "The Dark Knight Rises". Now in an interview with SFX, Nolan's wife and producer Emma Thomas reiterated the point when asked if he could be persuaded to return for a fourth "Batman" feature. “No. Never… No, that’s truly a never. I cannot imagine a … [Read more...]