February 23, 2018

Thirteen Reasons Why A Netflix Subscription Is Worthwhile

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In the modern age, not having Netflix is akin to living on another planet. More than 100 million people currently pay a subscription. But, we can’t all justify spending the $9.99. Perhaps you don’t watch enough television. Or, maybe you’re just not convinced it’s worthwhile.

To help you make up your mind, we’re going to look at thirteen reasons why a Netflix subscription could be worth the cost.

1) You’ll be able to join in with office conversations. It’s never nice being left out, after all.

2) You won’t need to go to the cinema. With a total of around 14,835 titles, Netflix is sure to up your home entertainment game. That $9.99 doesn’t seem so bad when you think about the how much you’d spend on each cinema trip.

3) You won’t have to watch rubbish anymore. How often do you put on any old program? With Netflix, you can make sure that you’re watching what you want, every time you turn on the television.

4) You can reduce the overall cost by sharing an account with others. Equally, you can pause your account if you’re going away. You could even look into Netflix stock and make a small investment. That way, you stand to earn back some of your money.

5) You stand to expand your mind. A Netflix subscription is cheaper than most academic books. And, with a vast array of documentaries on offer, it can be just as informative. If you want to learn about wonders you never imagined, Netflix could be the way to do it.

6) Test new films without worry. We all love to find a new favorite film. But, many of us are worried about spending money on DVDs we might not like. With Netflix, you can try out any movie without worry. You’re sure to find a favorite in there somewhere.

7) You could also gain an unbiased view of the world. Let’s be honest; it can be difficult to know who we should believe on mainstream television. All channels have their bias. But, Netflix is much more neutral, allowing you to make up your mind on subjects such as politics like never before.

8) You’ll finally understand what ‘Stranger Things’ is. Be honest; it’s been bugging you.

9) Staying in will become a much more appealing option. It’s not only cinema costs Netflix can save you. You’ll be able to spend quality time together without going out for expensive meals and so on.

10) Netflix also provides the ideal excuse to spend quality time. Find a show you all love, and watch it together.

11) You can watch while out and about. If you’re worried about finding time in the evenings, rest easy that you can watch Netflix on your lunch break, too. All you need to do is sign in using your phone.

12) Your kids will love you for finally coming into the modern age.

13) Well… if you aren’t convinced by now, there’s no hope for you.

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