February 21, 2018

Modest homes sales in BC in February

"Modest" is the word being used by the B-C Real Estate Association to describe home sales in this province. 4500 sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service in February - that's down 24 per-cent from the same month a year ago. Total sales dollar volume was down 30 per-cent from last year and the average price was down 8 per-cent. Associaton … [Read more...]

Home sales drop in B.C., but not enough

Housing prices may have dropped in Vancouver at the end 2012, but that still doesn't mean you can afford to own a home. Even though housing affordability improved, B.C. remains the most expensive province in the country for home ownership, according to a report from RBC Economics Research. It found a sharp drop in home re-sales last year, of nearly … [Read more...]

BC’s first Times of India Awards appears to be popular as ticket sales soar

It appears BC’s investment into a Bollywood Film Festival is paying off, so far. Organizers say tickets are in a virtual sellout after going on sale Friday for the first-ever Times of India Awards. Last month, the event put the Clark Government on the defensive. "We've had so much excitement from all over the world,” says event … [Read more...]

BC Home Sales to increase this year

Better times are ahead - so says the B-C Real Estate Association. It's out with its first quarter housing forecast, and the Association is predicing a 5.6 per-cent increase in home sales in the province this year, and a 6.1 per-cent increase next year. Chief Economist Cameron Muir says 2013 is shaping up to be a transition year in the B-C housing … [Read more...]

B.C. home sales down in 2012

The B.C. Real Estate Association has released the figures on home sales for 2012. The association reports about 67,000 home sales  recorded by the Multiple Listing Service last year. That's a drop of about 12 percent compared to 2011. And the annual average price of a home in B-C was just under $ 515,000 -- down 8 percent from last … [Read more...]

40 million Windows 8 licenses sold in a month; meanwhile, mum’s the word on Surface sales

It took just four days for Windows 8 to hit four million machines (ours included), and in just over a month, Microsoft has managed to sell some 40 million licenses of its tiled OS. To date, Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7 in terms of upgrades, but given that the company had moved 600 million copies of the latter back in June, the new kid on the … [Read more...]

U-Pass sales lead woman to fraud charges

A 25 year old former UBC student is set to be in Court December 14th to face fraud charges. Transit Police say Vancouver's Betty Sze Yu Wong is accused of purchasing numerous U-Passes from students of four post secondary institutions and reselling them for profit on Craigslist. They say she bought the passes at a reduced rate. She's charged … [Read more...]

Plunge in home sales

More dismal numbers about the local housing market. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver says September sales of detached homes, townhouses, and apartments fell eight per-cent from August, and were 32.5 per-cent lower than the same month a year ago. As well, the September sales were 41 per-cent below the 10-year September sales average. Board … [Read more...]

This sales plan stinks

The Mounties in Chilliwack have issued a warning about a thief gaining access to homes by pretending to be a door-to-door fish salesman. At least two victims have been recorded in recent days. The culprit is a native man in his 20's with dark hair and a goatee. He's been stealing wallets from would-be buyers when they turn their backs to him … [Read more...]

Metro Vancouver housing sales on the decline

Saying consumers are taking a 'bit of a break,' the chief economist for the BC Real Estate Association is downplaying new housing stats,  which show overall sales in Metro Vancouver continue to fall.  "It's really quite isolated in terms of the decline in Vancouver." Cameron Muir says last month's drop of nearly 20 per cent compared … [Read more...]