January 23, 2018

How Tech Has Revolutionised Staff Training

I don’t need to tell you that technology has changed the way that your business operates. You’ve probably seen the effects in the day to day running of things from the way that you market your products right down to the nuts and bolts of the office. But one area where a lot of businesses have failed to capitalize on the impact of technology is staff training. If you’re still using outdated training techniques then you aren’t getting the most out of your staff. Technology has opened a lot of doors to employers when it comes to training, here are some of the ways that you can take advantage of it.

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Blended Approach

In the past, using technology for training only extended as far as watching a few online videos and maybe doing a couple of multiple choice tests but it’s advanced way beyond that. Sitting by themselves watching videos was never a very effective way of training your staff but luckily, you don’t need to use those methods anymore. Good employers are moving away from a purely passive approach as they’ve started to realize that using a blended approach is more effective. Instead of just watching a video, they can put their skills into practice using mock up versions of your computer systems. This is far more effective in helping staff to retain information so you don’t have to keep retraining over and over.

On-Demand Information

Training no longer has to be confined to office hours and it doesn’t need to be scheduled. Now you can give your employees access to the information whenever and wherever they need it. For example, something like an Altium webinar can be taken from anywhere, whether they’re at home or at work. That means that if they ever need to know something, they can find it out straight away and avoid any delays to their work. They can also use mobile learning to continue training even when they’re away from their desk. So, for example, if they get an email about something and they’re not quite sure how to answer that query, they can quickly refer to training materials to answer their question.


Traditional training sessions usually took the same form; one person lecturing the rest of the staff. That’s no longer the way. With improved connectivity in the office, your staff can train each other on the job. By using instant messenger and email, they can quickly ask one another questions, pooling their skill sets and improving everybody’s performance. All of your staff have different attributes and if you want to maximise their performance, helping them to collaborate is the best thing to do.

Reporting Problems

Nobody knows the everyday issues in the office better than your employees. They’re the ones navigating all of the rules, regulations, and systems that you’ve got in place. If you don’t listen to them then you’ll never be able to streamline things. New tech makes it so much easier for employees to flag any problems and get them sorted. The rest of the staff can then give feedback on the changes and you can instantly see if they’ve worked.

Ditch the old training videos and update your training regime today, you’ll see improvements right away.

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