January 18, 2018

Interesting Physical Hobbies To Take Up In Your Spare Time

Pixabay So you're bored and need a hobby? Whether you have too much spare time on your hands, or you really need a distraction to escape from the dull pressures of life - there are plenty of things out there to do. But what if you want to do something physical, but that doesn't require getting yourself a gym membership? Well, no need to worry, … [Read more...]

North Shore Search and Rescue training exercise

North Shore Rescue is carrying out an avalanche response drill today at Dog Mountain, near Mt. Seymour. Here's the scenario:  12 snowshoers are up a slope on the Dog Mountain outlook, when an avalanche hits. Today it's just an exercise, but just as in a real emergency, Drill Director Tim Jones says his team has had to adjust to the conditions, … [Read more...]