February 25, 2018

How to start a digital health company + movie

Following Hacking Health Vancouver Sanotron and its programming partners has organized two highly educational, interactive and entertaining events for you on Thursday, April 25: First: A workshop called How to Start Your Digital Health Company
 8am – 12 noon at a location in downtown Vancouver (TBA) Second: A special private screening, followed … [Read more...]

How The “Bioshock” Movie Was Killed

Those holding out hope that a film based on the acclaimed and popular "Bioshock" video game series would see the light of day - sorry, but it is pretty much dead. Universal put the project on indefinite hold back in 2011. At the time Gore Verbinski was to direct, and the halt was due to budgetary issues. Now, Irrational Games' creative director … [Read more...]

Kickstart A “Veronica Mars” Movie

It only lasted three seasons, but Rob Thomas' teen detective drama series "Veronica Mars" earned a loyal fan base with its sharp writing and strong performances - it's also the show that launched Kristen Bell's career. Talk of a movie has been swirling ever since the show went off air, with both Thomas and Bell keen on the idea. It almost came … [Read more...]

The “24” Movie Has Been Called Off?

"Olympus Has Fallen" director Antoine Fuqua says that the film version of the hit Fox action series "24" is dead. Fuqua was the front runner to direct the project, which was put on indefinite hold a year ago. "Yeah, that's not happening. I don't think it's gonna happen at all, definitely not with me. I met with Kiefer [Sutherland], Fox wanted to … [Read more...]

Is Marvel Planning A “Planet Hulk” Movie?

Latino Review has posted up an interesting rumour they've heard about 'Phase Three' of Marvel Studios' cinematic plans. According to the site, the ending of "The Avengers" sequel will see Mark Ruffalo's Hulk lost in space. This will allow for the character's solo feature film adventure to be based on the 2006 comic fan favorite storyline - … [Read more...]

“Entourage” Movie Gets The Green Light

Warner Bros. Pictures has green lit a film version of the cancelled HBO series "Entourage". Like the show, the film will follow the Hollywood exploits of actor Vincent Chase, his manager and agent, his under-appreciated TV actor brother and the childhood pal/driver who form his inner circle. Deals are starting to be made with Adrian Grenier, … [Read more...]

Premier standing firm on tax breaks for movie industry

B-C'S Premier remains firm on her stance for tax breaks for filmmakers,  and is taking shots at the opposition leader for not being clear on where he stands. Four thousand people turned up at a rally last night in to try and save the BC film industry. But Christy Clark stands strong: she will not increase tax incentives. "I've been really … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks Movie Gets Title, Release Date

After previously being referred to as either the "Untitled WikiLeaks Project" or "The Man Who Sold The World," the Bill Condon-directed WikiLeaks movie at Dreamworks Pictures and Participant Media has finally scored an official title - "The Fifth Estate." DreamWorks and Disney have also announced an official November 15th release date in the … [Read more...]

Picturehouse Launches With “Metallica” Movie

Part concert movie, part coming-of-age drama, "Metallica: Through The Never" plans to shake up the concert movie format. The first film from the newly relaunched Picturehouse, "Chronicle" and "Lawless" actor Dane DeHaan will star in the film which "Predators" director Nimrod Antal will helm. DeHaan plays a young band crew member who is sent out … [Read more...]

A warning from a film industry insider on the state of movie making in BC

A key player in BC’s film industry says the biggest grossing movie at the world wide box office won't help the Province compete with other regions offering bigger tax incentives. "I'm sure if Twilight was made again today, there's a very good chance it wouldn't have come to British Columbia,” says Pete Mitchell, a former BC Film … [Read more...]