February 21, 2018

BREAKING: Conviction for first Stanley Cup rioter to be tried

The first Stanley Cup rioter to be tried for his crimes has been convicted. Spencer Kirkwood pleaded not guilty to charges of mischief and taking part in the  June 2011 mayhem which erupted after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup final to the Boston Bruins. The now 26 year old claimed he was too drunk to remember vandalizing a … [Read more...]

Court hears the case of convicted rioter accused of breaching conditions

She'd been drinking and she was dressed to go out.  That's how the police officer who arrested Camille Cacnio is describing the convicted Stanley Cup rioter who violated her curfew in January. Vancouver Police Constable Barry Selver says he pulled Cacnio over during a routine road check in Gastown and smelled alcohol on her breath after she … [Read more...]

Trial begins for another accused Stanley Cup rioter

The case against another accused Stanley Cup rioter goes to trial Monday in Vancouver.  Spencer Kirkwood was one of the first twenty-five people charged after chaos erupted in Downtown Vancouver causing up to four million dollars worth of damage. The twenty-six-year old from Vancouver has been charged with one count each of mischief and … [Read more...]

Rioter escapes jail time

The latest Stanley Cup rioter to be sentenced has received no jail time. 20-year-old Rag Gu Rock-Gue Kim of Kelowna pleaded guilty to taking part in a riot back in July.  He has now been handed a nine-month conditional sentence, to be served in the community, as well as 15 months' probation. So far, about three dozen adults who admitted to … [Read more...]

Starbucks-bashing rioter sentenced

A judge has sentenced the latest person to plead guilty in the Stanley Cup riot. Richard MacMillan, now 27 years old, will serve six months in the community and one year probation. The judge sternly cautioned MacMillan he will only stay out of jail if a number of conditions are held up, including not associating with any kind of drugs or alcohol … [Read more...]

Another Stanley Cup rioter is heading to prison

A Vancouver Island man who participated in last year's Stanley Cup riot is going jail. Timothy Lau of Comox will spend four months behind bars for his part in the riot and will be under probation for two years. The 22 year old must also pay a fifteen-hundred-dollar fine. Crown prosecutors said during the trial that Lau played a role in damaging and … [Read more...]

Another suspect hockey rioter pleads guilty

Another young man accused in last year's Stanley Cup riot has pleaded guilty. Sukhjiwan Grewal from Surrey was originally charged with participating in a riot and two counts of mischief. The 18-year-old will next appear in court Jan. 13, 2013 – likely to set a date for sentencing. Vancouver police have so far delivered charges against 275 … [Read more...]

Hockey rioter gets conditional sentence, banned from London Drugs

The latest Stanley Cup rioter to be sentenced will have to serve a six-month conditional sentence. Alexander Pennington was originally charged with participating in a riot and break and enter. The 21-year-old pleaded guilty back in June. The break-and-enter charge was stayed. The Burnaby man will now serve six months in the community, as well as … [Read more...]

Police recommend more charges, nab “elusive” suspected Stanley Cup rioter

Vancouver Police say 200 more charges against 50 suspected Stanley Cup rioters have been recommended to Crown. They've also tracked down and arrested the 15th and last suspect in an alleged assault against a good samaritan who tried to stop looters outside The Bay. The new charges bring the total that have been recommended to Crown to 872 against … [Read more...]

60 days in jail for Stanley Cup rioter

Stanley Cup rioter Alexander Peepre has been handed a 60 day jail sentence. He was considered one of the instigators of the riot. The 21-year old UBC student pleaded guilty to charges of participating in a riot and assault. Peepre helped flip over a truck in front of the post office, posed for pictures in front of the burning vehicle and threw … [Read more...]