February 19, 2018

Existing iPhone 5 handsets cannot have AWS support enabled, but Apple is shipping the new A1428 carrier-unlocked on April 12th

Starting April 12th, Apple retail shops as well as Apple's online store will begin selling the new and gently tweaked A1428 model of the iPhone 5. For those paying attention, that's the same model number as AT&T sells today, but Apple's enabling support of the AWS bands from the factory on the new guy -- and sadly, Apple affirmed to us that … [Read more...]

Apple says it now gets 75 percent of its total energy from renewable sources

Based on the latest reports, the company once chided for making too large an impact on Mother Earth is now claiming that a full 75 percent of its energy is being sourced from renewables. Apple's chief financial officer, Peter Oppenheimer, informed Reuters this week that all of its data centers -- including the gargantuan facility in Maiden, North … [Read more...]

Apple releases iOS 6.1.3 to patch lock screen security hole

A month to the day after Apple issued iOS 6.1.2 in order to patch an Exchange bug, the company has pushed out iOS 6.1.3 today to seal up a security hole that allowed a complex combination of finagling to bypass one's lock screen. Moreover, it's said to add Maps updates for the nation of Japan, while also adding a variety of undisclosed "security … [Read more...]

Apple Store in Oakridge Mall robbed

 (photo courtesy of placeslookup.com) Vancouver Police are looking for three men who robbed a computer store at Oakridge Mall. Shortly before 7pm, the suspects discharged bear spray when they entered the Apple Store and stole several items. Some stolen goods were later recovered by a police dog, but police haven't caught any of the men … [Read more...]

Samsung’s David Eun: ongoing Apple v. Samsung litigation ‘a loss’ for innovation

David Eun, presently serving as EVP at Samsung's Open Innovation Center after stints at AOL, Google, Time Warner and NBC Entertainment, just took the stage here in Dana Point, California during the opening night of D:Dive Into Media 2013. While the interview was certainly a wide-ranging one, one particular diversion caught our ear. Breaking from … [Read more...]

Hearst president David Carey: Apple taught people ‘how to buy digital content’

David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines, sat down with AllThingsD's Peter Kafka to kick off Day 2 of D:Dive Into Media here in Dana Point, California, with the interview centering on Carey's take on how digital magazines are working out in a world that seems less and less intrigued by physical books. Carey confirmed that 40 percent of its total … [Read more...]

Apple rumored to (again) be working on a cheaper iPhone, could arrive in late 2013

Remember this song and dance? You should. Major news agencies far and wide have been asserting that Apple would be producing a "cheaper iPhone" for years now, and it looks as if a few fresh rumors have the smoke all roiled up again. The Wall Street Journal is today reporting that Apple is "working on a lower-end iPhone," citing only "people … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone found to infringe on three MobileMedia patents in US court

Bloomberg News is reporting this morning that Apple's iPhone has been found to infringe on three MobileMedia patents in a US court. For those unaware, MobileMedia is an outfit that's owned by Sony, MPEG-LA and Nokia, being formed in early 2010 mostly as a means to enforce patents owned by the trio. Earlier this year, a court ruled that a screen … [Read more...]

US court finds Apple and LG did not infringe on Alcatel-Lucent patents

With all of these patent wars ongoing, it's actually astonishing that these companies have any time to get anything done. In fact, we often wonder how much more could be done if needless, incessant litigation weren't around to muck things up. All that aside, Apple and LG Electronics are likely celebrating a victory today, as a verdict in a San … [Read more...]

Apple TV 5.1 update causing issues for many, downgrading cited as popular solution

Whenever you get the urge to ingest an update without doing a bit of research, just remember: things don't always end with streamers falling and glasses raised. Such is the case with the latest Apple TV update, which arrived back in September as v5.1. At the time, it promised users the ability to tap into Shared Photo Streams and to easily switch … [Read more...]