February 17, 2018

Costa Rica Has Been Using 100% Renewable Energy For Two Months!

Yes, you read that right. Costa Rica ran on 100% renewable energy for 76 days in recent months. It’s actually the second time in recent years that the country has done this, bringing the total number of days to over 450, with 150 coming this year. It’s an amazing victory, and it has been made possible by using mostly hydropower and geothermal … [Read more...]

Apple says it now gets 75 percent of its total energy from renewable sources

Based on the latest reports, the company once chided for making too large an impact on Mother Earth is now claiming that a full 75 percent of its energy is being sourced from renewables. Apple's chief financial officer, Peter Oppenheimer, informed Reuters this week that all of its data centers -- including the gargantuan facility in Maiden, North … [Read more...]

Energy Minister says NDP have it wrong on BC Hydro

BC's Energy Minister says it is just another case of NDP math after the opposition said BC Hydro is spending hundreds of millions of dollars for power it doesn't need.  Rich Coleman says the argument the ndp is making ignores long term fluctuations, like the price of electricity in the spot market.  He also denies the NDP claim those … [Read more...]

BC’s Energy Minister talks election

BC's Deputy Premier is making a bold prediction about the upcoming BC election.  After controversies involving the south surrey casino among others, Rich Coleman was asked if the public is seeing the wheels come off a BC government teetering on the brink before the spring election. "Well that is just nonsense that is just all it is I … [Read more...]

Alberta Energy Minister speaks in Vancouver

"We're friends,we're neighbours." That is the message from Alberta's Energy Minister as he speaks to the Vancouver Board of Trade about challenges Alberta faces in moving its oil products. Ken Hughes says he is here to collaborate and work with British Columbians when  it comes to moving bitumen from Alberta  through BC. And what is he … [Read more...]

BC Energy minister welcomes foreign take over of Canadian oil and gas companies

BC's Energy minister is welcoming news the federal government has allowed the sale of two Canadian gas and oil giants to Asian state owned companies. Rich Coleman says the Petronas takeover of Progress Energy Resources is great for BC as they have a stake in a liquified natural gas plant proposal in Prince Rupert.  Colemans ays the company had … [Read more...]

FVRD looking to block funding for Metro Vancouver waste to energy incinerator

The gloves are coming off in the battle over building a waste to energy incinerator between the Fraser Valley Regional District and Metro Vancouver.  As a controversy swirls over tonnes of toxic ash pumped out by a Burnaby incinerator that was shipped to Cache Creek for months with no warning FVRD Chair Sharon Gaetz seems to be saying enough … [Read more...]

BC Chamber of Commerce to host pipeline-focused energy summit

The proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline will be the focus of an energy summit later this week. It's being hosted by the BC Chamber of Commerce -- a group strongly in favour of the project. Chamber president John Winter says the public debate has been extremely one-sided. "What we're really hoping to have happen on Wednesday is a number of panels … [Read more...]

Premier withdraws from energy strategy over Northen Gateway demands

"It’s not a national energy strategy if B.C. doesn't sign on." That, from Premier Christy Clark on the bid by premiers to put together a national energy strategy. Reporter Alison Auld of the Canadian Press tells CKNW that Clark stepped out of meetings at the Council of the Federation in Halifax to speak to reporters. “She said that she … [Read more...]

Is natural gas clean energy? The premiers announcement spurs argument

It may be the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, but is natural gas really a source of clean energy?  According to Premier Christy Clark, the answer is yes.  Clark told an energy conference in Vancouver today the government will reclassify natural gas if it's used to produce liquified natural gas for export.   "So to make sure that … [Read more...]