February 22, 2018

Fighting Walrus Radio turns your iPad or iPhone into a UAV controller (video)

So, here's a situation: you'd love to your iPhone or iPad to control your UAV collection, and you're pretty obsessed with collecting as many of these UAVs as possible. Aside from undoubtedly landing yourself on an FBI watch list, you'll probably also be interested in helping the folks at Fighting Walrus Radio turn their dreams into reality. In a … [Read more...]

Surrey’s mayor pledges to unveil a crime fighting plan for Panorama Ridge

People living in Panorama Ridge left a meeting with Surrey's mayor with some hope a plan is coming after four bodies have been found on the same road this year. Bob Campbell with the local ratepayers association says people voiced their frusterations to Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and the RCMP. "The mayor said she was going to come up with a plan and … [Read more...]

Tide changing on NHL fighting

A new Angus Reid Poll shows that there isn't much appetite for on-ice fights in hockey, both among hockey fans and Canadians in general. The poll found that 68% of hockey fans and 67% of Canadians think on-ice fights should be out of professional hockey. 78% of both hockey fans and Canadians would like to see on-ice fights banned from the … [Read more...]

The most expensive internet in America: fighting to bring affordable broadband to American Samoa

"You could argue that there's some value in it." That's New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, speaking candidly during a recent interview at D10 in California. The topic of conversation? Widespread WiFi, and whether or not the government should be the one thinking about its future ubiquity. More specifically, if WiFi hotspots should be treated … [Read more...]

Bell & Mara Are “Fighting Jacob”

Jamie Bell and Kate Mara are attached to star in the quirky indie rom-com "Fighting Jacob" for The Schiff Co. and Fade to Black Films says Variety. Bell will play the title role of an up-and-coming boxer whose extreme OCD is the key to his success in the ring. After a devastating breakup, he's forced to evaluate his many neuroses and whether he … [Read more...]

Group opposed to smart meters vows to keep fighting

Despite being rebuffed by the BC Utilities Commission, smart meter opponents say they aren't going away. Earlier this week, the commission ruled against ordering BC Hydro to stop installing the meters over its provincial mandate and privacy concerns. Sharon Noble, with the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC, says the commission didn't give their … [Read more...]