February 18, 2018

Have You Fallen Victim To An Unpunished Crime

Getting Justice If you feel as if you’ve been a victim of a crime that’s gone unpunished, you might want to look further into it to make sure justice is served. It might not be work you can do alone, but the outcome might be some form of well-deserved compensation. Depending on the crime, the value of the investigations you put in place may … [Read more...]

IIO investigators in Vanderhoof after Sunday morning crash

The province's police watchdog is sending investigators to Vanderhoof to determine what role a mountie had in a crash that sent three people to hospital Sunday morning. "So essentially what we'll be doing is, is we will be investigating to No. 1, clarify the role of the officer in this. We understand there was no chase and we'll certainly look … [Read more...]

Homicide investigators confirms gangster as shooting victim

Police confirm gangster Sukh Dhak and his bodyguard Thomas Mantel were the men gunned down yesterday in Burnaby. The two were shot to death in the lobby of the Executive Inn. Homicide investigators are looking for suspects. CKNW Vancouver News … [Read more...]

Homicide investigators probe death of 58 year old man in Maple Ridge

Homicide investigators are looking into a death in Maple Ridge. They've been on scene at a home in the 11000 block of Carshill Street. Sergeant Jennifer Pound says the victim is a 58 year old man. How he died will be determined through an autopsy Tuesday. She says no arrests have been made. CKNW Vancouver News … [Read more...]

I-HIT investigators in it for the long haul

Homicide investigators will remain at a house in Surrey's Newton neighbourhood overnight and into Friday. Officers are trying to figure out how a man came to be shot dead in the basement suite of a house on 70th Avenue at 124th Street.  Corporal Adam McIntosh with I-HIT says the investigation is in its early stages so far. When asked if … [Read more...]

Investigators with Transportation Safety Board may get to crash site Tuesday

8/1/2011 Bill Yearwood with the Transportation Safety Board says the earliest investigators will go in is likely Tuesday to begin trying to find out what caused the crash. "The first ... Vancouver News latest RSS headlines - Big News Network.com … [Read more...]