January 20, 2018

Have You Fallen Victim To An Unpunished Crime

Getting Justice If you feel as if you’ve been a victim of a crime that’s gone unpunished, you might want to look further into it to make sure justice is served. It might not be work you can do alone, but the outcome might be some form of well-deserved compensation. Depending on the crime, the value of the investigations you put in place may … [Read more...]

BC NDP House Leader questions investigation into BC Liberals leaked strategy to win votes

The BC New Democrats' House Leader says the resignation of Premier Christy Clark’s Deputy Chief of Staff brings up lots of questions. Those questions surround an investigation into a liberal strategy to win ethnic votes using taxpayers' money. John Horgan says among those questions is whether Kim Haakstad has already been interviewed by the … [Read more...]

Bieber investigation over: BC Liquor Branch

It took more than three months, but an investigation into why an under-age pop star was allowed to party at a Vancouver nightclub is finally over.  Justin Bieber was 18 in October when he was spotted drinking alcohol at 'Republic' -- the Granville Street bar hosting the after-party for his sold-out concert. BC's Liquor Control and Licensing … [Read more...]

Investigation continues into human remains found in Richmond

The Lower Mainland Integrated Tactical Team is continuing to search the area where human remains were found yesterday in Richmond. RCMP Corporal Sherrdean Turley explains. "The search is being done simply to ensure that nothing is left behind that may assist us with the investigation. At this time it's not known how long the search will take, but I … [Read more...]

Transit cop under investigation

A Transit police Sergeant is under investigation after an incident in a New Westminster bar.   Transit police spokesperson Anne Drennan says the alleged bar fight happened September 12th while the Sergeant was on paid medical leave funded by his union. Drennan says New Westminster police are heading up the investigation. "Following … [Read more...]

Early morning fire in Richmond under investigation

An investigation is underway in Richmond following an early morning fire at a two-storey home near No. 5 Road and Cambie. Battalion Chief Richard Barnes says the fire took hours to extinguish. "The call came in at four in the morning. We wrapped up -- I mean, it's a lengthy process with spot fires -- but we wrapped up at about 10 o'clock." Four … [Read more...]

FVRD wants to be involved in toxic ash investigation

The Fraser Valley Regional District wants to be "in the chair" with the Environment Minister in the investigation into toxic ash.   FVRD chair Sharon Gaetz says they have written Terry Lake to request intervener status in the investigation. "We formally requested to the terms of reference for his investigation into fly ash testing … [Read more...]

Full investigation launched in toxic ash produced by a Burnaby incinerator

The Ministry of Environment is making it official they are launching a full investigation into tonnes of toxic ash produced by a Burnaby incinerator and shipped to the Cache Creek landfill after CKNW broke the story last week. The Environmental protection division and the Conservation officers service will work in concernt on the … [Read more...]

Mounties facing charges in the Surrey Six investigation lose their lawyers

Two lawyers representing Mounties accused of various offences related to the Surrey Six investigation have withdrawn their services. Michael Klein and mMichael Bolton won't be representing their clients Sergeant David Attew and Corporal Paul Johnston. Their reason? Funding that was promised the officers under a program for federal government … [Read more...]

Investigation launched into potentially toxic ash from Burnaby incinerator

The Minister of Environment is looking for answers in the case of potentially hazardous ash shipped to the Cache Creek landfill. Terry Lake says the ministry is investigating on several fronts including what toxicity, if any, exists in the ash shipped from a Burnaby waste to energy incinerator. "Well we are looking into that I do not have a … [Read more...]