February 18, 2018

Teen stabbing suspects face long list of charges

One of the girls accused of stabbing Skytrain travellers with a steak knife earlier this week  is still behind bars, but the other has been released from custody until her next court appearance tomorrow. Yesterday, investigators confirmed both teens had 142 run-ins with police since January of last year. Anne Drennan with Transit Police says … [Read more...]

Park Board staff to determine how long meetings last

The Vancouver Park Board has unanimously passed a motion that calls for staff to recommend changes to a bylaw that would limit how long meetings can go. NPA Commissioner Melissa De Genova put the motion forward. She'd like meetings to be over by 10 p-m. She says other Commissioners feel that 10 may not be the right time, "This concerns me … [Read more...]

Warning for those heading into back country ski areas during BC’s first February long weekend

If you're spending the Province’s First Family Day weekend in the backcountry of BC's Southern Interior, the Canadian Avalanche Centre has a warning for you. Karl Klassen with the centre says the snow pack right now, is in a state of change, after a very stable winter. He adds the forecast is for sunny skies this weekend, and if the … [Read more...]

Long time local entertainer supports our youngest

94 year old musician Dal Richards is back in the Santa costume for another year. Ever since his daughter was born prematurely at Saint paul's Hospital 62 years ago Richards has wanted to give back. "So I'm indebted to Saint Pauls and only too pleased to do my little bit for them at Christmas time." Dal Richards has made his way through the preemie … [Read more...]

Long Beach Airport Delivers New and Improved Terminal

A far cry from the trailers of yore, the new terminal at Long Beach Airport offers a taste of local cuisine, upscale amenities, and all around comfort. Plus, wine stewards. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Premier wants long term labour peace with BCTF

A review of the bargaining process with teachers in British Columbia has been announced by the Premier. Christy Clark says she's hoping consultations headed up by Education Minister Don McRae will lead to longterm results, possibly  a ten year contract. "And what's stopping us from doing it differently? This is an ambitious goal, but I believe … [Read more...]

Fed boss says there’s a long way to go, yet

BC's top labour leader isn't taking much comfort from agreements reached recently with the BC Nurses Union and BC Government and Service Employees Union, "I think we're in for a rocky road still. Unless the Government decides it's going to actually deal fairly with these people and give a fair and reasonable wage increase." BC Federation of Labour … [Read more...]

How long can this assessment take?

A 180-day environmental assessment of a proposal for a jet fuel pipeline connecting Vancouver International Airport with south Richmond has still not resumed.  The review was put on hold earlier this year after Environment Canada requested further studies be done. A spokesman for the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation says those … [Read more...]

Redford: Do what’s right for long term….not next election cycle

Alberta Premier Alison Redford says there's no need for her to meet with Premier Christy Clark while she's in Vancouver,  because they've both made their positions on the Northern Gateway Pipeline clear. "We believe that it's very important for economic benefits to be spread across the country and we don't believe fundamentally changing … [Read more...]

Mayor still waiting for final long term cost on RCMP raises

Mayors are still waiting for a final long term figure on the cost of sudden wage hikes handed to the Mounties by Ottawa.  Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore says four months after the surprise wage hikes and the wait continues.   "Well we only have what they gave to us for I think it is this year and next year and we just build a certain … [Read more...]