February 20, 2018

Abbotsford looks at tapping the Fraser for water

The City of Abbotsford is looking to solve its long term water problems by tapping a nearby major waterway. Mayor Bruce Banman says people in the city have cut their water usage since a debate over water use began. "What really happened is, is Abbotsford is down 25-percent on peak days. Nobody would have even thought that human behaviour would have … [Read more...]

City looks at new underground parking garage for Canucks fans

The City of Vancouver is looking at signing a long term lease with the owners of the Canucks to build an underground parking lot next to Rogers arena. Councillor Geoff Meggs says if approved a five story underground parking lot will be built adjacent to Rogers arena. "The area underneath the old alignment of Georgia Street, I think it is, be made … [Read more...]

Polak looks to crack down on party buses

B-C'S Transporation Minister says the province is looking for ways to crack down on party buses. Mary Polak's comments come less than two weeks after a 16-year old boy died after being on a party bus in Surrey, and a case in Port Moody where police checked a party bus and found a highly intoxicated youth. "Our question is is there more that we can … [Read more...]

COPE looks ahead for better return

A municipal party that had disappointing results in the last civic election is looking ahead to the next one. The Coalition of Progressive Electors, or COPE, has held its Annual Policy Conference. Executive Director Sean Antrim, says in the years between elections, members meet to start talking about issues they should start working and doing … [Read more...]

Conference looks at abuse suffered by teens

The mother of murder victim Maple Batalia is attending a conference in Surrey dealing with domestic violence involving teenagers. As the conference seeks solutions to getting awareness of teen abuse, Sarabjit Btalia, Maple's mom, says even if parents think their child can handle situations like relationship violence, they often can't. "She was … [Read more...]

Premier looks to “Erase Bullying”

Students, politicians and educators have gathered at a special summit to find a solution to bullying. It began with current and former high school students telling their stories of being bullied. And Premier Christy Clark told attendees  the enviroment inside schools needs to shift away from putting up with bullies. Clark says students need to … [Read more...]

Robertson looks to special oil tanker bylaw

Vancouver City Council is pondering a new bylaw that could be a "game changer" when it comes to oil pipelines running to and through the city.  Mayor Gregor Robertson says the bylaw, if passed, would require oil carriers to have massive liability insurance in case of a spill, "Well, the maximum that is provided for under Canadian law is 1.2 … [Read more...]

BC’s construction industry looks to Ireland for workers

The Province's construction industry is looking in an unlikely place for recruits to meet demand in Northern BC: The BC Construction Association is turning to Ireland to find thousands of skilled trades people. Association Vice President Abigail Fulton says companies have tried to fill the spots with locals but there aren't enough with proper … [Read more...]

Maple Ridge mayor looks to reduce 911 pocket dials at UBCM

The mayor of Maple Ridge has put forward a resolution at this year's Union of B.C. Municipalities convention which he hopes will reduce cell phone users pocket dialling 911. Ernie Daykin says it's an issue that's draining the resources of emergency responders, who often spend up to 10 minutes trying to figure out whether a dropped 911 call is … [Read more...]

Researcher calls platinum wrong for fuel cell development, looks elsewhere for efficiency

Hearing that fuel cells aren't the most efficient thing in the world shouldn't take you by surprise, but a determination by one Alfred Anderson just might. The chemistry professor from Case Western Reserve University is now making a case for using something other than platinum as the "catalyst most commonly used to convert chemical energy to … [Read more...]