February 19, 2018

Next Two “Iron Man 3” Suits Revealed

The official Facebook page for Disney and Marvel's "Iron Man 3" has released photos of two more armor designs that will feature in the upcoming sequel. The first, Mark XXXV, is a disaster rescue suit called "Red Snapper". The second is the Mark XXXIX, a sub-orbital suit called "Gemini." Dark Horizons - News … [Read more...]

Two More “Iron Man 3” Suits Revealed

The official Facebook page for Disney and Marvel's "Iron Man 3" has released photos of two armor designs that will feature in the upcoming sequel. The first, Mark XXXIII, is an enhanced energy suit called "Silver Centurion". The second is the Mark XL, a hyper velocity suit called "Shotgun." Dark Horizons - News … [Read more...]

Names of Evergreen Line stations revealed

The Ministry of Transportation revealed a few tidbits about the Evergreen Line Saturday. Transportation Minister Mary Polak says the announcement wasn't just about releasing the names of the stations and was more than a back slapping exercise ahead of May's provincial election. "Well, what is new -- is that we have the early works are mostly … [Read more...]

“Fast and Furious 7” Villain Revealed?

Right after the success of "Fast Five," there was talk that a sixth and seventh "Fast and Furious" could be shot back-to-back. Such talk proved impractical, and so "Fast and Furious 6" was shot on its own. Nevertheless, many have been wondering how the upcoming sixth film will link up with a potential seventh. Today comes two key spoilers from a … [Read more...]

Full Cast For Starz’ “Black Sails” Revealed

Starz has announced the full cast for Michael Bay's upcoming eight episode original series "Black Sails," a prequel to the Robert Louis Stevenson's classic "Treasure Island." Set twenty years before events in the book, the story chronicles the adventures of fabled buccaneer Captain Flint and his men. As already announced, Toby Stephens ("Jane … [Read more...]

Port Mann toll amounts to be revealed

It looks like Transportation Minister Mary Polak will be announcing a reduction on the proposed three-dollar toll for the Port Mann Bridge. Langley Mayor Peter Fassbender says that's a plus for members of his city, "I'm very optimistic that we'll have some good news that will lessen the burden of the toll on the Port Mann Bridge and I'm looking … [Read more...]

The “Thor” Sequel Villains Revealed?

Pre-production is underway ahead of filming kicking off next month on Marvel's upcoming "Thor" sequel "Thor: The Dark World". Though Mads Mikkelsen has dropped out of playing the villain, an interview with I Review Too from back in June with stuntman James Grogan has indicated just what antagonists our heroic God and his brethren will face in this … [Read more...]

Liquor distribution finalists revealed

The Province has further reduced the number of companies on a short list to snap up liquor distribution services -- to four.Labour Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says it was supposed to be three but two companies were deemed to be in a tie for third.MacDiarmid was asked if the government has assurances none of the bidders are working together behind … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Galaxy S III pricing plans revealed, and they aren’t exactly ‘cheap’

Not interested in paying $ 200 on contract for a new Galaxy S III over at Sprint / AT&T? Fret not, lost souls -- T-Mobile USA will soon be willing to sell you one for more. Much more. We just landed our hands on an internal pricing sheet for the forthcoming Android superphone, with the 16GB model listed at $ 229.99 on a Value Plan contract, … [Read more...]

Map of Trans Mountain pipeline revealed

A map of the Trans Mountain pipeline has been revealed. Kennedy Stewart, the New Democrat NP for Burnaby-Douglas, says Kinder Mountain refused to provide one, so, with taxpayer funds, he hired a private company to draw one up. "It shows you how close it comes to people's homes, schools, community amenities, parks – and just how intrusive a … [Read more...]