February 20, 2018

Paul Schrader To Pen “Devil’s Right Hand”

"Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull" scribe Paul Schrader is attached to write the screenplay for the thriller "The Devil's Right Hand" for Drama Deluxe. The story deals with a group of powerful New York executives who share a dark secret that, if revealed, would destroy all their careers. Schrader will adapt an original Copenhagen-set story by … [Read more...]

VIDEO: 10 Places You’d Rather Be Right Now

Let us guess: Sitting at your desk on this cold winter day is not, were you given the choice, where you'd most like to be. Take a minute to armchair travel with us and BuzzFeed with this envy-inducing video. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Dreamworks Options “Good Luck of Right Now”

DreamWorks Studios has acquired the manuscript for "Silver Linings Playbook" author Matthew Quick’s latest work "The Good Luck Of Right Now." The story follows four people's intertwined lives. Each is an outsider and in the wake of grieving over pain and loss in their lives, they come together to form an unlikely family. The story is set in … [Read more...]

National day of action planned to support women’s right for safe, legal abortions

All women should have access to a safe and legal abortion.  That's the message of a National Day of Action Saturday aimed at promoting women's rights. It's being organized by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, who claims many women are forced to travel long distances to have the operation. "Abortion is not a thing by itself, it's often … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone 5 is unlocked, able to accept GSM SIMs right away

Great news for those waiting anxiously at the door for their UPS / FedEx delivery... well, for those awaiting a Verizon iPhone 5, anyway. We've already broken down the differences between the trifecta of iPhone 5 models, and it seems that the one VZW is hawking is a real gem for travelers. Aside from handling Verizon's LTE waves just fine, the … [Read more...]

Redford: Do what’s right for long term….not next election cycle

Alberta Premier Alison Redford says there's no need for her to meet with Premier Christy Clark while she's in Vancouver,  because they've both made their positions on the Northern Gateway Pipeline clear. "We believe that it's very important for economic benefits to be spread across the country and we don't believe fundamentally changing … [Read more...]

BC Tory leader says no to back room talks to unite the right

A number of BC Liberals were also in attendance at the annual conservative BBQ in South Surrey on Monday, as they stood in a crowd which included a provincial rival.  BC Conservative party leader John Cummins says despite everyone being at the same event there would be no backroom talks to unite the right in this province.  "I don't think … [Read more...]

Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote is tomorrow — get your liveblog right here!

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference opens up tomorrow, with Tim Cook taking the stage at 10AM PT to deliver what'll have to be... well, some fairly important company news. He asked us back in March to look forward to more in 2012, and if the deluge of rumors is indication of what's to come, this could very well be the most monumental WWDC in … [Read more...]

Reverting to the PST could hit the consumer right in the pocketbook

Could the return of the PST mean highers costs for consumers? the President of the BC Chamber of Commerce certainly thinks it is a possibility.  John Winter says businesses will take a hit as they prepare to revert back to the PST by April 1st next year.   He said "Many of them incurred a cost to adjust to the HST in the first place they … [Read more...]

Some say the Education Ministry got it right

  The head of the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils says School Districts have been asking for more flexibility in the school calendar. This, after the Province announced a bill to eliminate the standard calendar and pave the way for just that, "I think we will see more discussions on spring break; whether one week or two weeks is … [Read more...]