February 20, 2018

New Care Cards look to cut down on fraud

New Care Cards will begin rolling out at the end of this week as the province tries to put a stop to health care fraud. Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says the new card has features which will help cut down on Care Card fraud in the province. "With a lot more security features. It is going to have photo identification and people will have the … [Read more...]

Health Minsiter says she hears care card security concerns clearly

As the province is set to start rolling out new care services cards next week, the Health Minister says she's heard security concerns loud and clear. While the BC Civil Liberties Association has asked for card implementation to be halted over major privacy concerns --  Margaret McDiarmid says the important voice for her to listen to is the … [Read more...]

Senior care provider working to halt spread of Norovirus

In addition to trying to keep this year's nasty flu from spreading, an organization responsible for more than ten thousand seniors across BC is also working to contain numerous Norovirus outbreaks. Mary McDougall, the President of the BC Seniors Care Providers, says safety protocols are in place, but that's not enough. "It appears that … [Read more...]

UPDATES: Two year tentative deal reached for health care workers

The multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association and health employers in BC have reached a tentative two year agreement after nine months of negotiations. It affects more than 46,000 health care workers. Bonnie Pearson with the FBA says it's been a very "tough and brutal" round of bargaining. The deal includes a moratorium on layoffs due to … [Read more...]

Families of veterans at Burnaby care home relieved after moratorium placed on layoffs

The families of veterans at Burnaby's George Derby care centre are ecstatic after the announcement that a moratorium is being placed on layoffs and the contracting out of some services at the centre. Margi Blamey with the Hospital Employees' Union says a board member at George Derby asked to speak at a rally in Burnaby this afternoon. "He delivered … [Read more...]

Action plan for child care on the way

The Provincial Government says an "action plan" is in the works to help children in care after a critical report by the Representative for Children and Youth. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond's latest report looks at suicide and self harm by kids in care. She says a common problem was the lack of stable foster homes for the children who on average had been … [Read more...]

Lack of planning, support, for kids in care

BC'S Independent Representative for Children and Youth has issued a report on suicide and self-harm by youth in government care, and she says more could have been done to help them. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond looked at 15 youths who committed suicide and another 74 who harmed themselves over a three year period beginning in 2007. Turpel-Lafond says … [Read more...]

Fraser Health moves ahead with $25-million plan to add more care beds

More care beds for seniors are being added to the Fraser Health region. The health authority is moving forward with its bid to build 403 new beds for round-the-clock care in three areas. "These communities – Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock and the Tri-Cities, have been identified because of their growth, especially amongst the senior … [Read more...]

Veterans’ care home switches to non-union employees

A Veterans’ care home is dropping unionized workers in favor of cheaper contract employees. George Derby Centre Executive Director Janice Mitchell says that won't result in worse care. "We work very closely with our families and they mean a lot to us. It's like with any change, it can be really difficult: the unknown. What I do know is that … [Read more...]

Health care workers vote in favour of strike action

46,000 hospital, long-term care and emergency health services workers have voted 96 percent in favour of strike action. Most are with the Hosptial Employees' Union. Bonnie Pearson with the HEU says it sends a clear message to health employers and government to come back to the bargaining table. Contracts expired in March -- talks began in … [Read more...]