February 20, 2018

Protest at the B.C. Legislature

Conservationists, forestry workers, and first nations are joining forces today to send a message to political leaders. They plan to form a human circle around the legislature. B.C. environmental activist Ken Wu says the government needs to establish a plan to protect B.C.'s endangered old-growth forests and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the … [Read more...]

Slew of bills proposed, official fish chosen at Legislature

The Liberals have introduced bills that will change a slew of policies. They include allowing charities to auction off liquor, allowing area-based tenure instead of volume-based for forest companies, and naming the pacific salmon as B.C.'s official fish. As well, Health Minister Margaret Macdiarmid says people on long vacations will now enjoy … [Read more...]

BC Legislature back in business

A rarely-used institution known as the "Provincial Legislature" is back in business today for the first time since last spring.  "Her honour!  The Lieutenant-Governor!" And the first order of business on the first day of the new session is formally ending last year's session. "In closing this fourth session of the 39th parliament of … [Read more...]

BC Legislature to be back in session in February

The BC Legislature will be back in session next month for the first time since May of last year. The newly-released parliamentary calendar calls for a throne speech on February 12th....and the provincial budget to be tabled one week later, on the 19th. While the calendar officially calls for a 12 week session ending on May 30th, the House will … [Read more...]

Anti-pipeline protest at BC Legislature (as of 10am)

Disappointed tourists are being told they can't enter the B-C Legislature this morning. Security has been tightened in advance of today's protest against oil pipelines, and the building is not open to the public.  At the moment, reporters and camera-operators outnumber protesters, many of whom plan to be arrested to make their point. And brisk … [Read more...]

Anti-pipeline proponents hold sit-in at Legislature Monday

They thought Legislature would be sitting, but anti-pipeline protesters are still planning a huge demonstration on Legislature grounds Monday morning. Victoria City Councilor, Dr. Ben Isitt, says it will include a form of civil disobedience: "In some way, the protesters will be breaching what's called the Legislative Grounds Protection Regulation. … [Read more...]

Debate continues over whether to recall Legislature

The NDP's House leader is continuing to slam the Government's decision not to recall the Legislature for a fall session.Speaking on CKNW's "World Today Weekend," John Horgan says Christy Clark and the Liberals would have a better chance to win next May's election if they showed their mettle in the public eye. "The last thing I would advise them to … [Read more...]

Wine for breakfast at BC Legislature?

Liberal MLA Kevin Krueger is calling NDP House Leader John Horgan an "angry man" for accusing him of having too much wine for breakfast this morning. Horgan fired the shot as Krueger was heckling him in the Legislature. Krueger says Horgan is just looking for issues and the New Democrats are desperate. He says New Democrats will "say anything" to … [Read more...]

Busy week at BC Legislature

Politicians in Victoria have a lot of work to get done by the end of this week. The spring session of the legislature ends on Thursday, and there are still 19 bills left to debate. Liberal house leader Rich Coleman admits he may have to use closure to force some bills through. "There is a possibility but I won't know until about 24 hours from now, … [Read more...]

Legislature committee decides against province-wide pesticide ban

A special committee of the legislature has decided against a province-wide ban on the use of cosmetic pesticides.           Committee chair Bill Bennett is calling for further restrictions, but says the science does not support an outright ban. "I lost my mother to cancer, I lost my father to cancer, I … [Read more...]