February 19, 2018

Liberal MLA not saying whether caucus members will ask Christy Clark to step down

Liberal MLA Kash Heed isn't saying whether caucus members will be asking Premier Christy Clark to step down. But Heed says people will be asking for an explanation about certain things. "People I hope, will maintain what we've discussed and call people to the carpet and hold these people accountable." Heed says there have been discussions with some … [Read more...]

Public hearing begins to determine whether Abbotsford police officer keeps his job

An Abbotsford police officer faces a public hearing Monday to determine whether he gets to keep his job. Constable Adam Page pleaded guilty in April to pushing a thirty-seven year old shoplifter during an arrest in 2009. The hearing will determine whether he gets to keep his job, or if he's going to get canned. Page reportedly pushed the man so … [Read more...]

Still no decision on whether to re-appoint current auditor-general

No decision yet again from the legislative committee deciding the future of B.C. Auditor-General John Doyle. The all-party committee has met for a second time this week, and it will do so again on Tuesday. NDP committee member Kathy Corrigan can't comment on much because it's in-camera. "I'd love to talk about it many different ways, but we'll be … [Read more...]

Unclear whether Boundary Similkameen MLA will run in May’s Provincial Election

Whether Boundary Similkameen Liberal MLA John Slater will run again seems to be a bit of a mystery. Sources tell CKNW despite John Slater saying he would run again, he in fact won't be on the ballot. Several attempts to reach Slater by email, and through his constituency office, have gone unanswered. The BC Liberal Party in an email, simply said … [Read more...]

Debate continues over whether to recall Legislature

The NDP's House leader is continuing to slam the Government's decision not to recall the Legislature for a fall session.Speaking on CKNW's "World Today Weekend," John Horgan says Christy Clark and the Liberals would have a better chance to win next May's election if they showed their mettle in the public eye. "The last thing I would advise them to … [Read more...]

B.C. teachers to vote next month on whether to launch illegal job action

The B.C. teachers' union is asking its members if they want to break the law by mounting a strike to protest legislation that bans them from such job action. Teachers will also be asked during a vote on April 17 and 18 if they want to withdraw all voluntary extra-curricular activities. The B.C. Teachers' Federation plans to launch a legal … [Read more...]